Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks on Breasts, Causes, Removal, Creams, Laser, Home Remedies

stretch marks on breasts

What causes stretch marks on breasts? Get more insight on the causes of stretch marks on the breast and the various possible solutions for removal and prevention. The article has also explored on the best creams and lotions for the stretch marks on the breast removal.

stretch marks on breasts

stretch marks on breasts

What are Stretch Marks?

These are strips that forms on the skin due to stretching, they are noticeable and mostly appear on the abdomen, thighs, butts, breasts. They have varied colors depending on the skin type. The streak colors include white, purple, and sometimes pink. Both men and women can experience stretch marks on different body parts.

Which Body Parts Experience Stretch Marks?

Some of the parts susceptible to stretch marks include the following, stomach stretch marks, stretch marks on hips and thigh, breast stretch marks, upper and underarm stretch marks, lower back, legs stretch marks, buttocks stretch marks shoulder stretch marks among others.

How Does Stretch Marks Look Like?

This is a question many people who have never had experience with stretch marks keep asking. Most teenagers would like to know this such that they can easily tell when stretch marks start appearing. Stretch marks have no symptoms and most people notice them upon the appearance.

At initial stage these strips appear like longitudinal pink lines on the mentioned parts. They intensifies as time goes by and the pink lines lighten to purple which finally turn to silvery in appearance. Striae rubra is a term used to describe stretch marks that appear purplish-pink in medical terms.

Striae albae on the other hand describes silvery stretch marks on breasts. Striae nigrae are the dark brown stretch marks observed in people with dark complexity.

What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be genetically inherited from the parents. “Basically, if your mother had them, you’re probably going to have them” [A director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Center, Laslie Bauman] Therefore observe if your parents have them and begin finding on how you can deal with them should they appear in future on your skin.

When skin is overstretched the underneath fibers get injured. There are lines left as scars after healing and they will definitely have different colors like silvery, pink or purple hence termed as stretch marks. There are various factors that can cause the skin to stretch including muscle gaining and weight loss. Pregnancy can also cause to the stretching hence formation of marks on thighs, stomach and belly.

Weight gain can cause the skin to stretch hence formation of scaring lines. This is common especially when weight is gained rapidly. Weight lose can also lead to formation of these strips on the skin. There are safe and proven ways for weight loss or gain that prevents on the occurrence of stretch marks. Bodybuilding can cause the sprout of this skin deformation condition.

Some stretch marks can form as a symptom of some skin disorders like the Cushing’s illness and adrenal disorders. People who use steroids for bodybuilding can easily experience stretch marks. Teenagers at puberty experience rapid development of body parts. This may not exempt them from having the streaks on the skin. Therefore it is evident that individuals at adolescence are susceptible to stretch marks.

What are the Types of Stretch Marks?

White and red stretch marks are the two distinctive classes of stretch marks. Since we have stretch marks forming on different body parts, the article will narrow down to address the subcategories of stretch marks depending on their area of appearance. Causes of stretch marks in this case may remain the same for the either types. To begin with, find out what is the difference between white stretch marks and red stretch marks.

What is the Difference between White Stretch Marks?

Red Stretch Marks

They are also regarded as pink stretch marks by some people. Red stretch marks represents the initial young stage for the formation of stretch marks of any kind. When the skin is stretched for instance due to pregnancy or weight gain, red or pink lines appear beneath the skin surface due to injured fiber. The red stretch marks however changes color as the scaring heals.

Red stretch marks on breasts can be treated and made to disappear by use of stretch mark creams, oils, and laser stretch mark treatments. They can easily fade due to their young nature. Microdermabrasion technique can also be used in the treatment of red stretch marks.

White Stretch Marks

These are aged red or pink stretch marks that have changed the color. They can sometimes appear silvery and they are considered permanent. By looking at the stretch mark pictures you can tell that color is not a distinctive factor of naming them red and white. Neither does the causes of stretch marks is used in distinguishing and naming them as well.

White stretch marks are tough and resistance to some of the stretch mark creams and lotions. They may completely fail to disappear or can take quite long for them to fade. More powerful stretch mark products and sophisticated methods of stretch mark treatment and removal like surgery are the only proven ways of getting rid of white stretch marks.

Types of Stretch Marks Based on Body Parts

Stretch Marks on Stomach

Both men and women can experience stretch marks on the stomach. Some people I have interacted with have find it difficult to understand if men can really have stretch marks on the stomach. Obesity in men leads to fats deposit formation around the stomach. The skin get stretched due to gain weight hence occurrence of the stretch marks on the stomach besides the thighs and buttocks.

Causes of stretch marks on stomach among women is as a result of known reasons. Pregnancy can either cause weight gain or weight loss. All the same the two effects leave streak lines running down on the stomach. Both red stretch marks and white stretch marks can be noticed on the stomach and the belly as well.

Pregnancy lines is a term used in describing stretch marks on the stomach among women. The pregnancy lines forms on the belly after and during the pregnancy. During this period women also experience stretch marks on the thighs, hips, buttocks, legs and thighs.

Stretch marks on breasts

This is common among pregnant women and those who are doing breast feeding. The skin on the breasts become elastic and stretches making the underneath fiber to damage. This causes scaring that are either red or white. Causes are obvious and mainly due to suspended weight.

Why Get Stretch marks on breasts

Many people especially women experience stretch marks on the boobs as a result of several factors that will be discussed on this page. Some of the causes of stretch marks on the butts, legs, thighs and belly are at a time what result to stretch marks on breasts. This condition is devastating especially when it comes to wearing some of the flattering fashions like the V-neck blouses, shirts and dresses.

One day I went to an evening dinner where many friends were hosted. The place was made live with a music band. On my far opposite I saw a lady who was in lonely and she made many questions blew in my head. I became curious and moved closer to engage her in a conversation. She looked attractive with a scarf around her neck.

A new song made everyone to jump and begin dancing in pairs. She felt shy dancing with me and unfortunately the scarf fell on the floor. What I saw really humbled me and I understood why she was in that state. Initially I thought she had tattooed her breast, my comment “You tattooed your breasts?” lead her to tears. She finally explained to me that they were stretch marks.

I really felt sorry about such a young flattering woman having stretch marks on her breasts. The kind of consultation I gave her on the causes of stretch marks on breasts and the possible removal methods seemed a blessing to her. She responded as though she had seen a God sent angel to help her. Our conversation kept revolving around the following.

What Causes Stretch Marks on Breasts

I responded to some of her questions with all the professionalism in dealing with skin cosmetic problems. She found it interesting and she listen carefully. Some of the causes I managed to narrate to her include the following.

  • Pregnancy causes the stretching of the skin hence one of the possible cause for the stretch marks forming on the breasts. This is the period when the body is likely to gain more weight hence as result causing stretching of the skin beyond its elasticity.
  • Breast stretch marks can be inherited similarly to any other type. When your mother has the genes responsible for stretch marks, then she is likely to transfer them to the children.
  • At the attainment of puberty, body parts in teenagers develop including the increase in size of the boobs. The attained weight causes the skin to strain and stretch as well.
  • Some other causes are related to health problems. For example, Cushing’s syndrome can cause the formation of pink and purple stretch marks on breasts.
  • High rate of body dehydration can cause the skin to dry and become susceptible to stretch marks. This most happens among people who does not take sufficient amounts of water.
  • Other causes include breast feeding and weight loss after pregnancy.
  • Insufficient exercises can result to formation of stretch marks. Exercises are necessary in ensuring the burning of excess fat deposits underneath the skin.
  • For some people, the body might undergo hormonal changes that can result to triggering off the adrenal gland conditions. This can be observed by formation of stretch marks on thighs, legs, underarm and even the breasts.
  • Breast Implants or argumentation can also cause stretch marks formation due to relatively increase in size of the breasts.

In summary, breasts stretch marks occur under the following circumstances

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Puberty attainment
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Hormonal changes
  • Hereditary factors.

Best Treatments for Stretch Marks on Breasts Removal

The listed below are some of the proven and best treatments for getting rid of stretch marks.

  • Microdermabrasion for stretch marks removal
  • Lotions for stretch marks removal
  • Oils for stretch marks removal.
  • Creams for stretch marks removal
  • Laser stretch marks removal
  • Herbal remedies for stretch marks removal
  • Vitamins for stretch marks treatment
  • Natural stretch marks treatments
  • Mederma therapy for stretch marks removal

Breasts Stretch Marks Removal Creams

Stretch can be removed by the application of products which include stretch mark creams, lotions and moisturizers. There those which are made from natural extracts and they are not only effective in the stretch mark elimination but also safe for your skin. Some of the post popular and best creams for removal of stretch marks on breasts include the following.

Top Rated Creams for stretch Marks Removal

  • Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks Cream
  • Bio Oil for Stretch Mark Removal on Breasts
  • Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter
  • Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
  • Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

Having deduced on the causes of stretch marks on breasts the manufacturers under guidance of dermatologist came up with these products which contain ingredients like wheat germ oil, Vitamin E, Almond oil, Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, onion extracts, Cepalin, Cantella, glycerine, demethicone and coco butter among others.

Laser Removal for Stretch Marks

This technology involves the use of pulsed ultraviolet light in promoting secretion of collagen and elastin fibers. Through this process, new skin cells develops replacing the scaring stretch marks. The laser stretch mark removal technology is approved by FDA as a safe way of eliminating stretch marks on the breast.

A qualified technician caries out this process. Information on the causes of stretch marks on breasts the specialist will be enquired from you before signing for the laser surgery. It is a painless procedure and the cost varies depending on the size of area being treated and the sessions to attend.

Microdermabrasion for Breast Stretch Mark Removal

This technology promotes exfoliation hence development of new skin cells. The vacuum tube device blows some fine crystals that brushes away the dead skin layer that forms part of the stretch marks. Microdermabrasion for breast stretch marks removal is approved as safe method of stretch marks removal and the application will require prior knowledge on the causes of stretch marks on the breast.

Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks on Breasts

Some causes can be prevented by adhering to some of the methods discussed in the related pages. While reading some of the ways on how to prevent stretch marks on breasts you will encounter solutions like daily massage with stretch mark oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter or application of moisturizers among many more.

Best Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a major skin cosmetic problem that need to be resolved as soon as possible they strike. They not only lower self-esteem and confidence of the affected person but also degrades the beauty of the skin. The best remedies for stretch marks must begin by identification of the possible causes of stretch marks.

How do we get stretch marks? This is a question well researched on and various causes of stretch marks have been deduced. The most critical causes include the following. Weight loss or gain, pregnancy, hormonal and physical changes during attainment of puberty. Stretch marks have also been discovered to be genetically inherited. The following are the natural home remedies for stretch marks.

Nutritional Diet

Skin can be best nourished by the kind of diet you take. Stretch marks on breasts hardly strike a well-nourished skin. The collagen and elastin fiber need to be produced and sustained at sufficient levels. This will help in injuries and cracking of the skin during the weight gain, loss or pregnancy.

Nutritional diet also help in checking the weight balance. Too much weight gain or weight loss can result from unbalanced diet or some food elements that should be avoided in our daily diet. Weight should be checked and regulated especially during pregnancy. Your nutritional diet should base on the following tips.

The diet should supply reasonable amount of calories to the body. The total calories obtained from intake of carbs, proteins and fats should not be in excess. Exercises help in burning of excess calories in the body hence regarded as the best among the home remedies for stretch marks removal and treatment.

Some of the food substances to be consumed in plenty include, vegetable, fruits, and whole grain, legumes and fish oils. Monounsaturated fats like olive oil is also recommendable. The skin requires plenty of vitamins and that’s why eating more veggies and fruits is a nice idea. Lean proteins are necessary in the development and replacement of skin tissues, they can be obtained from liver and eggs.

There are mineral elements and food substances that ought to be avoided. They include, saturated fats, processed grains and sugars and too much intake of sodium. Such materials contribute to the weight gain and fats accumulation beneath the skin hence possibility of stretch mark formation.

Skin Scrubbing and Exfoliation

Exfoliation aid in the removal of dead skin cells. This helps in growth and formation of new skin cells on the skin epidermis. Among popular home remedies for stretch marks on breasts, scrubbing and exfoliation eliminates young and less intense stretch marks. The process also enable the skin to absorb enough moisture hence becoming supple and more elastic.

Skin exfoliation can be done using loofah sponge or the use of natural exfoliating creams. The best time to do this is during shower or bathing. Natural creams for exfoliation are made from natural plant extracts and they are safe for natural home remedies for stretch marks.

Mixture of Aloe Vera Gel and Vigil Oil

These are plant extracts that have agents essential for not only skin toning but also firming. They have elements that aid in the elimination of the stretch marks. The mixture of the two substances, Aloe Vera gel and Vigil oil should be applied twice per day on the skin are striped with stretch marks.

Mixture of Almond and Lavender Oils

Almond oil combined with Lavender oil forms the best remedies for stretch marks especially the red stretch marks. Daily application makes the skin supple and smooth. More intensive stretch marks are faded and becomes unnoticeable in appearance. The user has to be patient since natural stretch marks remedies does not give instant or immediate results.

Skin Massage with Cocoa Butter

Daily massaging your skin with coco butter is one way of eliminating stretch marks. Cocoa butter is a key ingredient in many skin products due to its approved and trusted action in improving the skin formation. This product aids in nourishing the skin by making it supple and firm. The stretch marks will be wiped away upon regular application and a gentle massage of approximately 15 minutes.

Coconut Oil Application

According to dermatologists, coconut oil contain Vitamin E and fatty acids that make it the best among home remedies for stretch marks. The antioxidant agents make it a curative for skin infections and streaks. Lauric acid and chin fatty acids can only be obtained from either coconut oil or breast milk. They help in the remedy of stretch marks of any time. Application should be made regularly together with a gentle massage.

Other Natural Stretch Mark Oils

Most skin and stretch mark products like stretch mark creams and lotions are made from natural oils. Emu oil is commonly used due to its moisturizing effect. It also aid in promoting skin healing including the scaring nature of stretch marks on breasts. Though more serious and aged stretch marks may take time to heal, natural oils are the best when it comes to long term home remedies for stretch marks and removal.

The following are oils that most skin products including stretch mark creams and lotions obtain their effectiveness from. Tree oil, Tamanu oil, Jojoba oil, Flaxseed oil, Rosehip oil, Vitamin E oil, Castor oil, Biotin and Argan oils respectively. They contain nutrients and agents suitable for skin beauty hence regarded best home remedies for stretch marks.

Yoga and Exercises

The yoga pranayama and sauna include the body fitness exercises that aid in promoting supple and elastic skin that is resistant to stretch marks and other skin cosmetic problems. Exercises also promotes sufficient circulation of substances in the body including nutrients to the skin. Metabolism is maintained at optimum hence well nourishment to the cells and skin tissues.

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