Second Ear Piercing, Does it Hurt, Healing Time, Cost, Left or Right, Pain, Care, Pictures

Does second ear piercing hurt

Does a second ear piercing hurt? A look at the second ear piercing, does it hurt, healing time, cost, left or right, pain and care.

Second Ear Piercing Does it hurt

Does second ear piercing hurt

Second ear piercing pain

Want to get the ears pierced again? It might appear so scary, but in fact getting the second ear piercing is very safe and not as painful as you might be imagining.

Understand what to expect, thoroughly researching as well as planning the piercing, and also developing ways to assist yourself to relax throughout the second era piercing will assist you to approach it very calmly and as much reasonably.

You’ll then find that you get through it much safely and also very happily, and wondering why you were nervous to start with

  1. Think about why you want to get second ear piercing. Thinking about the motives can assist to put the second ear piercing itself in a better perspective, and remind you eventually that the importance of having the ears pierced can outweigh the pain of actually engaging in it.
  2. Consider the alternatives that are available to the pierced ears. Understand that you area able to wear the clip-on earrings or even use converters so as to wear the pierced earrings, if you want to put on the earrings without any pain of piercing.If you’re very much nervous about getting second ear piercing, then consider these options. Try wearing the clip on earrings for a few number of days so as to observe if you do like them. You can decide that you don’t require to get the ears pierced at all, thus saving you a lot of pain.
  3. Do research. Investigate the health as well as the safety hazards of second ear piercing. Consider any of the allergies to several types of metals that you may be having, as that will affect the earrings which you can wear.Learn about taking care of the ears after piercing them, including the period of keeping the earrings in and how to clean the ears.Make sure that you’re very much comfortable with all the risks of second ear piercing, and be very much confident also that you can take care of them after they’re fully pierced.Understanding the risks is an initial step towards overcoming all of them. Think about methods that can be used to mitigate the risks that you learn about, and then come up with a very good plan so as to keep the ears very clean and safe.
  4. Choose a reputable place to get the second ear piercing. Make an appointment at a shop which is approved by the Professional Piercers. Consider reviews as well as ratings, prices, and also the store hours before making an appointment.If you’re much worried about the safety, don’t go to a shop that makes use of a piercing gun. The only method that can be used to sterilize piercing equipment is by an autoclave, which ruins a plastic gun.Choose a place which sanitizes their tools, and be sure to make use of only high-quality jewelry.
  5. Understand the legal aspects of the piercing. You’ll be required to sign a waiver. If you’re worried much on the legal side as well as about what the rights are if anything goes wrong, take time to go through the waiver.Make sure that you know the waiver and are very much okay with everything that it says before trying to sign it.
  6. Decide a place you want the second ear piercing. When you get the ears pierced, the piercer will dot on each ear. Be very much sure that it’s in the right place. Take time to look at the ears in the mirror. Also consider them from several angles, and get the piercer’s input.

Think about what they will appear like when the earrings are on, and be very much comfortable with the placement of the dots before the piercings.

  1. Understand how the second ear piercing work. They can bring you in a cubicle and have you sit down and get their materials out. If any of the materials appears to be much intimidating or even scary, then you should ask the piercer anything about them.
  2. Make sure that you understand each tool’s use and how it performs. You can also inquire about the cleaning and also the sterilization process. Become very much comfortable with the tools that are being used before proceeding, some might be very painful.
  3. Prepare for a better life after the second ear piercing. Know that the ears might actively hurt for a little period of time directly afterwards, but also remember that it can stop very soon. Ask the piercer for a written information on caring for the ears. Make sure that you’re very much comfortable with the pierced ears and understand how to take care of them.

Second Ear Piercing Pain

Strategies for Not Freaking Out

  1. Talk to the piercer. When you go into the studio, let them know you’re a bit nervous. Have them take you through the process, know what they’re doing and the reason, and answer any worries you might be having.

They can offer you a very comfortable chair or even a glass of water. Chances are that many people that are getting second ear piercings are a little nervous, so they’ll understand exactly how to make you feel a bit better.

  1. Prepare for the piercing. Understand that it’s may hurt a little, and thus be ready to deal with the pain. Have a friend for the moral support, and bring the painkillers also if you think you’ll require them. Think about how you best deal with the pain. Plan ahead and thus bring anything you think is able to assist you deal with the stressful situation.
  2. Hold a friend’s hand. When you get very much nervous, having a friend there so as to comfort you is very much invaluable. Squeeze a friend’s hand when you require to, and talk to the friend to take the mind off the second ear piercing.
  3. Focus on something else. Read a book or even a magazine. Gossip with a friend, or get to understand the piercer a little. Chat about the weekend plans, that very great movie that you just saw, talk about anything else except the piercing. Thinking about any other things that will assist you calm down enough so as to get through the second ear piercing.
  4. Take deep breaths. Focus on the breathing so as to physically calm down and thus force yourself to relax. Breathing much deeply also slows the heart rate and eventually lowers the blood pressure, mimicking the state the body is in when it really is very much relaxed. Doing the breathing exercises, or even just focusing on the deep breathing, can be able to assist you calm down the body, which is able to make the stress of the second ear piercing much easier to deal with.
  5. Stay positive. Focus much on the best part of having the second ear piercing, think about how you’ll appear with the new earrings, but when it comes to the piercing, don’t even try to think about the pain or even the stress. Instead, have a focus that you can actually do it, you will be able to get through it. If you do this much enough, then you’ll find that it becomes very much true.
  1. Joke about the second ear piercing. A friend can be able to help you to approach the piercing with a good sense of humor. Laughing out is a very vital method that can be applied so as to reduce stress as well as calm you down, so even if you are laughing about an unrelated story that a friend tells you, it will still assist you to relax. Joking on the piercing can make it appear much less daunting, which can assist you to approach it calmly and much easily.
  2. Get the piercing over with much quickly. Ask the piercer if they are able to pierce both of the ears at the same time so as to get it over much faster. Understand that it will be over soon, and the pain will also be over.

Second Ear Piercing Healing Time

How long does second ear piercing take to heal

Ear piercing healing time

After you get the second ear piercing, it’s very much vital that you take care of them much more properly, so they fully heal before you begin to wear the hoops and also the dangling earrings you have waiting in the jewelry box.

If the ears are infected, do not try to do away with the jewelry as this can trap the infection inside the body. Learn on how to take care of the newly pierced ears and also watch for indications that you might require so as to seek medical attention.

Earlobe piercing – in the center of the lobe.  Healing period is approximately 9 weeks. Pierced using a wide variety of the jewelry, captive bead ring, or even the circular barbell.

Tragus – piercing of the Tragus that appears in front of the ear canal. Healing period is 8 months. Pierced using a 16 gauge

Anti-tragus – piercing of the anti-tragus, which is passed through the cartilage which is above the ear lobe. Healing period is about 8 months. Normally pierced using a 16 gauge

Helix – this is the piercing through the helix, which is passed through the cartilage of the ear. Healing period is about 10 months. Pierced using a 16 gauge

Rook – this is piercing through the cartilage which is between the outer as well as the inner concha. Healing period is about 10 months. Pierced using a 16 gauge

Daith – this is a piercing through the innermost ridge in the cartilage, it is located above the tragus. Healing period is about 10 months. Pierced using a 16 gauge.

Snug – this is a piercing through the cartilage that is located on the outer most ridge of the ear. Healing period is about 12 months. Pierced using a 16 gauge barbell

Conch – this is a piercing that is directly through the cartilage which is located just outside of the ear canal. Healing period is about 12 months. Pierced using a barbell, but the size highly depends on the person’s ear anatomy.

Industrial – second ear piercing fashioned by a piece of jewelry, normally a longer barbell that is connecting the helix piercings. Healing period is about 12 months. Pierced using a 14 gauge.

Orbital – two or even more of the piercings  which is fashioned by a piece of jewelry, a captive bead ring that is connecting the inner as well as the outer conch. Healing period is about 12 months. Pierced using a 14 gauge.

Second Ear Piercing Cost or Price

How much does second ear piercing cost

Second piercing price

Normally when you get the second ear piercing, it’s indicated that you get the services from a professional piercer or even from a tattoo parlor.

From the hygiene to also the experience, we can then point out a lot of reasons for this particular suggestion. If you trade yourself for the cheap options, understand that you may end up infecting the ears just for a few bucks

But, if you have already pierced the ears and even got the holes to be closed out of the laziness so as to replace any of the fallen earrings (they fell out very much easily), you can then go with the options such as the Claire’s. As it’s only a re-piercing, then the chances for getting an infection is normally less.

  1. Where You Get the Ears Pierced

You can pierce the ears at a professional parlor. It’s up to you. You can get it done anywhere but how it’s done is very important. Normally, a professional parlors charge more than the malls for a perfect reason.

At the studio, they usually train the piercers that at least for a period 6 months before they start to pierce whereas in the malls, then the piercers attend about two days of practice few times on a cardboard by shooting of the dots. They have very little experience in handling of the guns when it is compared to you.

  1. Which Type Of Ear Piercing You Are Looking For

When you go with the professionals, then the cost of ear piercing normally varies highly based on the difficulty that is involved with some types of second ear piercing. For instance, the difficulty which is involved with the Tragus as the well Conch ear piercings are more difficult than the double or even the triple lobes.

  1. Go With The Noble Metals – Expensive Option
  • Noble metals such as the Gold or silver rarely laed to sensitivity issues. If the metals come under the budget, then choose the earring posts using gold or silver.
  • You may also make use of the platinum but the price is very much than the gold posts.
  • Using the titanium in the jewelry is a new trend. It is cheaper than platinum but costly than the cheaper nickel post

Second Ear Piercing Care

  1. Don’t get rid of the starter earrings until the piercings have fully healed. When you first get the ears pierced, the technician inserts the starter earrings. These particular earrings are made of hypo-allergenic materials and very much specific type that is post designed so as to be safe to keep in the ears very much indefinitely. If you get rid of them prematurely, then the piercings might close or even heal very much improperly.
    • If the piercings are on the earlobes, the starter earrings may be removed after 6 weeks.
    • If the piercings are in the cartilage, then the starter earrings might usually be removed after about twelve weeks.
  1. Don’t touch the ears often. Unnecessary handling of the piercings may cause an infection. Don’t touch them unless being cleaned. If you do require to touch them, wash hands using antibacterial soap first.
  2. Be very much careful with the items that are able to snag the earrings. Hats, and other items that can catch on the earrings are supposed be worn with a lot of care. Avoid items such as earmuffs or even tight toboggans that are able to put pressure on the ears.
  3. Don’t let other substances touch the ears. Avoid getting shampoo, and other hair products on the ears, as the ingredients that are in the products may cause an infection.
    • You might place a plastic sandwich bag over the ear to assist protect the second ear piercing while you’re in the shower.
    • If you are to swim then you will just require to clean them using a solution that you get after getting the ears pierced before and even after swimming. Just make sure that you rinse the ears using clean water before even cleansing them, after swimming.
  4. Try to sleep on the back. Sleeping with the ear being against the pillow is able to irritate the piercings, in addition to also being painful.
    • If you find it that it is very difficult to sleep on back, make sure that the pillowcase is very clean each night. Bacteria from the pillowcase can be transmitted to the piercing, which may lead to an infection.
    • You can also use the t-shirt trick so as to avoid any kind of infection: cover the pillow using a clean t-shirt and then replace it nightly.
How to care for ear piercing

Sea salt for ear piercing care

Clean the Piercings

  1. Wash the hands using antibacterial soap. This is a vital step, since you area able to easily transfer the bacteria to the ears with the fingers. Make sure that they’re very clean each and every time that you touch the ears.
  2. Dip a cotton ball in cleaning solution. Use the salt-based cleanser which is provided by the piercer who pierced the ear or even another one that is meant specifically for treating of the piercings.Don’t use the rubbing alcohol, or antibacterial ointment. These have ingredients that inhibit the skin cells from regenerating or healing.
  3. Swab the piercing using the saturated cotton ball. Clean both the front as well as the back of the piercing, making sure that the entire area gets fully covered with the cleaning agent. Make sure that the agent goes inside the piercing.
  4. Rotate the earring. Gently rotate the earring three times so as to make sure that the antiseptic gets inside the second ear piercing. Also move the piercing as this also prevents the piercing from healing very much tightly around the hole.
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