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whitespotsonlips Fordyce

What causes white spots on lips? Get more insights on the causes of small white bumps on lips, sides and under skin. Pictures and how to get rid of dots on lips have also been critically looked at.

white spots on lips - Fordyce

white spots on lips – Fordyce

Lips are important parts of the body since they define the personality of an individual other than serving the normal biological functions. Formation of white spots on lips can affects someone in various various ways such as low self-esteem and also health wise.

Most such bumps are benign while other imply a serious underlying medical condition. Being a sign of some infections you should establish on how to get rid of the white dots on your lips. This can be either by seeking medical treatment from the doctor or by use of home remedies.

White Spots on Lips Causes

Here are some of the main reasons for this type of lip condition:

Fordyce Spots on Lips

These are small white bumps on lips in different sizes and colors predominantly white. They are also regarded as Fordyce granules. They are generally benign and painless. These type of spots on lips are mainly due to trapped excessive oil under the skin or sebaceous glands although a specific cause is not known.

Although Fordyce granules are harmless, there should be a reason of concern due to beauty and appearance.

Fordyce Spots Treatment

There is no specific cure for this condition although laser treatment can be used in the removal of the spots. Other treatments include use of anti-sebum creams that prevents and releases entrapped oils. Chemical peels and lip skin lightening creams can also help in the appearance.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus, the blisters can show up anywhere on the body but most likely appear around the lips nose, mouth and fingers. Therefore white spots on lips can also be a sign of cold sores.

Almost everyone gets sores that lasts for over a week until they completely crust over. They are also contagious. Common causes for sores in nose include dental surgery, fatigue, menstruation, or any other compromise of the immune system.

Once a person is infected with the herpes simplex virus, it not possible to cure the virus, it’s only the sores that get healed, the virus just remains dormant in the body implying that the sores can reappear any time. Some people may report a higher frequency of reappearing of the sores than others, especially the ones with a weak immune system like during sickness or at times of stress.

The symptoms that comes from cold sores should be taken with a lot of seriousness as they may indicate a body infection.

Cold sore is known to pass through several stages that include the below;

  • The tingling and the itching stage; where a person may feel an itchy and burning sensation around the lips or nose for less than two day period before a small painful spot is seen to appear and eventually erupt.
  • Blisters then break out along the edges of the nose where cold sores occur around the nose.
  • Crusting stage is the very last one where the blisters burst leaving open sores that ooze fluid and finally crusting over.

Depending on whether it’s the first time or a recurrence, signs and symptoms differ from one individual to another. They can sometimes last for several days and blisters taking over a month to completely heal.

Cold Sores Treatment

There are several ways that can be used to minimize the discomfort of the sores and to prevent them from spreading to other areas of the body or maybe other people, although the treatment for this sores depend on underlying cause;

  • It is advisable to always wash your hands regularly especially after touching a sore and even avoid touching it completely.
  • Also don’t break the scab that usually forms during the healing time.
  • Avoid kissing anyone at the period when either of you is suffering from a sore throat
  • Identify and avoid any factors that you think might have contributed to the development fo the cold sore and take preventive action to avoid recurrence of the same.
  • Always use a separate facecloth or a towel.
  • Do not touch the genital areas or any other parts of the body without washing your hand after touching the sore.
  • Use antiviral products that provides an effective method in treatment of the cold sore like the tropical antiviral cream like the zovirax, this products will also help to reduce the duration of the symptoms by at least a few days.
  • Antiseptic products are also available to sooth and reduce the discomfort of a cold sore, although may not be recommended for use by children under a certain age as directed by a physician.
  • You are also advised to avoid nasal sprays or even chemical fumes as it is a common cause for sores in nose
  • For boils in the nose, always take prescribed drugs and antibiotics as well eat a well-balanced diet for a strong immune system as it’s important to prevent the frequent occurrence of the sores
  • During winter you should try keeping the nasal mucus membrane moist by drinking enough water to prevent dehydration of the body which usually results in inner linings of the body parts like the nose from becoming dry although you can use coconut oil as it is one of the best natural moisturizer
  • Drink plenty of fluids. This helps control your fever and diminish aches and pains of the white spots on lips caused by the sores.
  • You don’t have to stay in bed but you should take it easy as much as possible. The energy you would use for physical exertion could be better used by your body to fight the infection.
  • Humidify the air. Use a cool mist vaporizer, take a steamy shower, hang wet towels around your room, or place a warm moist washcloth over your face.
  • Use salt-water nose spray. You can purchase this over the counter or make your own by placing ½ teaspoon of salt in an 8 oz. glass of water.
  • Take acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve). These help with muscle aches and fever. It is not advisable to take aspirin.
  • Don’t smoke. Avoid second hand smoke.
  • Use oral decongestants (such as Sudafed). This may relieve excessive nasal discharge and stuffiness. Preparations without an antihistamine in them are less likely to cause drowsiness. Decongests can make some people feel jittery, unable to sleep and may cause a dry mouth.

Sunburn/Sun Poisoning

white patches on lips

white patches on lips – sunburned lips symptoms

Formation of white spots on lips, blisters, rash, tingling and skin peeling and swelling are among the significant indications of sun poisoning. The UV and UVB radiations from the sun are dangerous especially to the skin. They cause skin cell denaturing which can further lead to cancer.

Consider the following self-help treatments for sunburned lips.

  1. Cold packs and cooling is the most ideal approach to simplicity the tingling, reddening and sewing of the skin after a sunburn. Wash up and a frosty pack utilizing a wet bit of towel to sooth the blisters.
  2. Hydrating yourself ought to be the quick thing to do. It helps in the restoring the liquid that may have lost throughout the sun burning. Beverage water in bounty sum, drain and consume all the more crisp tree grown foods, for example, watermelon. This are the best lack of hydration home cures you can never happen with.
  3. Application of Aloe Vera concentrate can help in the medication of the sun poisoning. The recuperating property of this regular item helps in mending and relieving the skin consequently a method for disposing of sun poisoning rash and blisters.
  4. Cold milk pack is likewise the best among sun poisoning home cures. Raw potatoes or cucumber juice can likewise be utilized as a part of disposing of sun poisoning indications. Separate the juice and apply it on the face or the influenced zone. Rehash a few times throughout the day and the manifestations will subside in several days. Cuts can likewise be put on the skin at the influenced region.
  5. You can apply regular oils, for example, lavender oil, cod liver oil or calendula oil specifically or when blended with some water.
  6. Mastered powder blended with water to structure a glue can likewise be utilized as medication for sun poisoning at home. Apply the glue and wash it off following 15 minutes with cool water. Frequently you can feel a burning sensation and you are encouraged to apply aloe Vera gel.
  7. Naturally made items like calamine salve can likewise be utilized within the recuperating of sunburn rashes and blisters. Apply on the influenced territory a few times throughout the day. This item can likewise be added to your shower water in which you need to drench for quite a while.
  8. Avoid application of oily oils, salves and creams on the influenced range. They are fit for blocking skin pores thus irritating the condition.
  9. Yoghurt blended with some water is radiant in disposing of sun poisoning rash, blisters and swelling.
  10. Apply a sunscreen lip gloss or lipstick with SPF 15 and above to protect your lips against sunburn.
  11. Avoid tannin sunbed and places with too much sexposure.
  12. Seek medical attention if the sunburned lips are painful, blistering or bleeding.

Oral Thrush (Candidiasis)

This is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by a group of yeasts called Candida. It is not contagious and can successfully be diagnosed and treated by antifungal medications. The condition is more common in infants although adults are also at risk.

Oral thrush is also characterized by formation of bumps, white spots on lips, swelling of the tongue and painful soreness. When you don’t take appropriate measures the yeast will multiply causing mouth ulcers due to rupturing and bleeding of the lie bumps.

What Causes Oral Thrush

Naturally, there are low numbers of candida fungus in the mouth and digestive system of most human beings. They cause no problem except only when they multiply and increase in numbers due to the following factors:

  • Use of antibiotics for a longer period or at high dose.
  • Generally poor oral hygiene.
  • Chemotherapy, or radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer.
  • Using inhaled corticosteroid medication especially for asthma.
  • Dry mouth due to underlying medical condition or due to medicines you are taking.
  • Poorly fitted dentures.
  • Underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, HIV and underactive thyroid among others.

How to Treat Oral Thrush

Oral thrush can successfully be treated with antifungal medicines in form of gels, capsules and tablets. While using tropical medication, regular use on daily basis is recommendable.

There are possibilities of side effects while using such medication. This include nausea, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating.

Antibiotics or corticosteroids use may also lead to oral thrush and for such a case, a different administration method may be preferable as well as reduction on the dose.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush

white bumps on lips

white bumps on lips

  • Creamy white lesions on tongue or inner cheeks.
  • White patches in the mouth.
  • Red spots on the tongue.
  • White spots on tongue, tonsil and inside cheeks.
  • White, red or big bumps on back of tongue.
  • Painful irritating and burning sensation in the mouth.
  • Cracks at the corners of your mouth.
  • Lack of appetite and bad taste in the mouth.
  • Difficult in eating, drinking and swallowing especially in babies.

How to Prevent Oral Thrush

You can prevent oral thrush through different ways among them include the following:

  • Rinse you mouth after every meal.
  • Using fluoride toothpaste to brush at least twice a day.
  • Clean the gums, tongue and inside the mouth by brushing with a soft brush at least twice a day.
  • Regularly visit a dentist for check-ups and if your dentures are not properly fitting.
  • Remove and clean your dentures every night. Use soap or paste and water to clean before placing them in a provided solution of water and denture cleaning tablets.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and spit it out after using a spacer and corticosteroid inhaler.
  • Get treatment of any underlying medical condition.


Biting your lips accidentally can traumatize it hence causing formation of white spots on lips and  bumps in mouth. Also when you clench your teeth there is possibility of soreness and painful bumps formation at the sides of the lips.

Stress, smoking, physical injury, gastrointestinal upset, sour or acidic food and menstruation are some of the major causes of such trauma and tension.

Lip Cancer

Formation of spots on lips that associate pain and soreness may be a sign of lip cancer. Bumps of this nature are normally red or white in color and they are also likely to bleed.

Mouth ulcers and burning mouth syndrome is also a sign of lip cancer. Stress and menopause are closely related to cause this kind of symptoms on lips. Seek urgent medical attention if you suspect to be suffering lip cancer.

Canker Sores

Canker sores can cause bumps anywhere in the mouth including on sides and under the tongue. It is characterized by white or red painful bumps although not contagious. The real cause for this condition is not known and symptoms go away after few days without treatment.

You will have to see your doctor when symptoms persist for more than 10 days especially when it associate fever. The doctor may prescribe over the counter painkillers or tropical treatments to ease the symptoms.


This type of skin condition is causes loss of skin pigmentation on various areas of the body including the lips. Vitiligi is progressive and can easily spread to other parts of the body fast. The specific cause of this condition is not known although weakened immune system and hereditary factors are causative agents.

Vitiligo Treatment

Topical steroid therapy can be used for the treatment of white spots on lips or other parts of the body. Psoralen photochemotherapy and depigmentation can also be utilized. Surgical therapies such as autologous melanocyte transplants, skin grafts can also be options.


This is a viral infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This condition is highly infections and can be spread through skin contact. Symptoms include painful white bumps on lips, mouth and tongue blisters. There is no specific cure for herpes although mechanisms that boost the immune system helps.

Mucous Cyst

This condition is mostly caused by lip irritation such as biting and sucking. Its symptoms include formation of pink or small white sacks of fluid on the lips. This is a harmless condition that disappears few days after the cysts rupture and releases the fluid.

Treatment ranges from use of medication recommended by the doctor and behavioral changes that prevents lip irritation.

White Spots on Lips Pictures

white spots on lips

white dots on lips – picture

white spots on lips - pictures

white spots on lips – pictures

Does White Spots On Lips Require Medical Attention?

In most cases, the seriousness of the bumps on the lips may depend with the causes. It is not easy to determine the causes on your own unless you visit your doctor. Above all, you should seek medical attention if:

  • Spots are severely painful.
  • Bumps on lips are bleeding.
  • If the spots associate other symptoms like pain in throat.
  • The jaws or neck are swollen.
  • Difficult chewing and swallowing.
  • Numb tongue or mouth.
  • Sore throats and fever.

Small White Spots on Lips

In summary, small white bumps on lips are due to the following:

  1. Trauma: when you accidentally hurt your lips it can become sore and painful due to trauma. This mostly happens during teeth grinding and friction while chewing hard food materials.
  2. Smoking: white bumps on lips can also be caused by smoking which also makes them irritating and painful.
  3. Underlying medical conditions: Diabetes, HIV, and anemia are some of the diseases that causes painful and sore white dots on lips.
  4. Canker sores: These are mouth ulcers that develop with no reasons and are mainly associated with stress.
  5. Oral cancer: This is a rare mouth condition that can cause sores, pain and bumps. It is nothing to worry about but it is good to check with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

How to Get Rid of White spots on Lips Naturally – Home Remedies

Here are ways on how to treat small white spots on lips naturally:

  • Apply some sea salt solution or an antiseptic solution to the bumps using a clean cotton ball.
  • Take antihistamine drugs that minimizes on trauma and tension.
  • Apply some ice to prevent inflammation and take some pain killers.
  • Use medicated mouth wash at least twice or thrice a day in cleaning your mouth.
  • Apply milk of magnesia using a clean cotton ball to the white spots on lips twice a day.
  • Reduce on consumption of tobacco and well as minimizing on smoking. Tobacco is one of the major causes of bumps on lips, tongue and mouth.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water. Water not only keeps human body hydrated but also helps in washing out toxins.
  • Spicy and fatty foods can contribute to irritation of the lips and attraction of bacteria. Minimize or avoid consumption of such food material.
  • Apply a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide on the white bumps on lips for at least three times a day using a clean cotton ball.
  • Apply garlic directly or include in your diet.
  • Frequently visit a dentist to examine your mouth and recommend treatment for any spots on tongue.

Lips are important part of the body and specifically the face, you therefore need to take good care of them. Avoid use of cosmetics with harsh chemicals such as lip lightening cream that contain high concentration of mercury or hydroquinone.  Ensure your lips are hydrated regularly and avoid tongue lip licking habits since they contribute to lip dryness.

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