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Best Skin Lightening Pills Reviews, Dark and Black Marks, Side Effects, Pictures

best skin lightening pills before and after

If you are one of the people caught up in the obsession of taking skin whitening pills, then you are not alone, this product is very common and popular nowadays as people go in all measures to lighten their skin. It is a quick fix to their skin and beauty

best skin lightening pills before and after

best skin lightening pills before and after

Best Skin Whitening Pills for Dark Skin

Best skin lightening has been in existence for many years. Many people in many countries have used the skin lighteners for the longest period. Many people are nowadays interested in getting the products to improve the skin color.

Many of the options that they try at times lead to frustration and they are looking for the perfect solution to the skin whitening problem. The one that gives you the best skin that you have been looking for. There are several pills that are recommended;

Jarropw Formulas Reduced Glutathione

It is believed to be one of the best skin lightening pills that is most effective for skin whitening that are found on the market. It has good quality and comes in various quantities

The main ingredient that is found in glutathione is the intracellular thiol and the low molecular weight tripeptide that is found in living cells. It contains no wheat, gluten, soy beans, eggs fish or peanuts

Ivory caps

This product offers the strongest dose of glutathione for quicker results and also maximum benefits that are derived for skin whitening.

It usually comes in a pack of 60 capsules and is given in a 1 month supply.

This product works to prevent oxidation or darkening of the melanin of the existing skin. It also helps the shedding and getting rid of the melanin laden skin cells. Regular intake of the capsules leads to regulation of the pigment production.

The formula has been created only for normal use. All possible factor was considered in creation of the product and it is believed that all factors that gives the product the most cutting edge technologies were considered

Ivory caps maximum strength Vitamin C brightening plus

Except for glutathione, this vitamin is another one of the best skin lightening pills essential ingredient that helps in whitening of the skin. It is known that vitamin C capsules along with Glutathione capsules increases the skin brightening process in a much quicker experience.

This product has been formulated to enhance the skin effectiveness brightening by providing a blend of the available vitamins from different sources with other proven anti-oxidants and herbs that are commonly used to benefit skin lightening

Vitamin C when taken with other skin whitening pills can assist in the absorption of glutathione and all other nutrients.

It also contains other key herbs including the bearberry that contribute to even greater brightening of the skin. This pills are specially designed to work along other skin regimen.

The inclusion of vitamin C helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, the brown spots, age marks on the skin and thus giving a person a youthful skin appearance. Regular intake of this vitamins can give the skin a natural glow.

Korean YuYu BB White B2B6 Skin whitening Vitamins

This is another most effective and one of the best skin lightening pills that originate from the Korean country.

This pills when regularly taken, allows the skin to whiten and also prevents premature aging by reducing the dark spots, freckles etc. the pills work by repairing and restoring the skin to wear and also inhibits the processing of the melanin.

Fair tone skin lightening pills

This product is a natural skin lightener and brightener treatment that usually stimulates the skin layer. This product is not composed of any harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin by either bleaching or otherwise. The product is also clinically tested and proven to enhance and nourish the skin. Regular usage of this product leads to reduction of the pigmentation or the dark discolorations, age spots or liver spots including sun damage.

The main component that is found in this product is L-glutathione, this ingredient is very effective as it works as an anti-oxidant protecting the body from diseases. The ingredient also helps in blocking of enzyme tyrosinase that produces the dark pigmentation.

Metathione skin whitening glutathione capsules

This product is also one of best skin lightening pills and works best for all the people who were born with a darker skin. The capsule is known in its inside out working on the skin. Regular consumption of this product can make the results of the intake be seen in less than 3 weeks. This mode ant type of glutathione is the mostly recommended by all the medical experts as it is regarded as the safest grade of glutathione as it consists of natural components including vitamin C.

Met tathione provides a more reduced form of glutathione that acts as anti-oxidant and also a detoxifier.

beauOxi white plus 5-in-1

The unique thing about this substance is the composition of the ingredients, the product has 5 supplements that acts into 1. All the ingredients guarantee safety in promoting of anti-aging effects and also eradication of the diseases.

The product is however, more valued in its effect on skin lightening, when taken in a recommended dose, the product whitens the complexion in less than 7 weeks after which a person will enjoy fair glowing skin. The dark spots will also eventually disappear. Users can also be able to lighten the underarms. The functioning of the product as a skin nourishment makes it treat the skin ulcerations.

Taking this supplement in smaller quantities offers greater benefits due to the anti-oxidants that are found in the ingredient promoting health improvement like cancer prevention and increased sperm count for men, brain strengthening, heart improvement in working as well as other organs. This supplement can also help the problem of hormonal imbalance amongst the women and even cataracts reduction in older people. It one of the approved best skin lightening pills.

kyusoku Bihaku (KB) Skin whitening supplements

This is an internationally acclaimed beauty product. It a Japanese product that means pure whiteness. Due to its inherent effectiveness and internet popularity, the product has become a one recognized supplement that is liked worldwide. Due to international recognition and the increased number of customers, this product has an upgraded formulation. They have added a free-form glutathione composition.

Apart from being a skin whitener, this product is a recognized anti-oxidant, immune booster and a detoxifier thus making it beneficial to people with terminal illnesses and deficiencies like cancer, liver disease, diabetes and even HIV.

Bare Body Glutha Light Skin Lightening Pills

This Capsules is an enhanced nutritional supplement supporting Skin Lightening utilizing a high strength Glutathione Complex for best results

Tips for optimal results when using the best skin lightening pills

  • Always be consistent by making sure that you take the regimen daily and or as advised
  • Be patient as the results of taking Ivory caps and glutathione may work gradually, remember that it is not an overnight miracle but it always work as long as you give it time
  • Find the right regimen for you, do not overdose your body system with a lot of glutathione as it will just flush out of the system instead of staying in the body. A right combination for your body has to be found and the process may take some trial and error.
  • Ensure to take glutathione, ivory caps and vitamin C.
  • The supplements can also be pricey at time, but the results are worth spending on.

Effective skin Lightening Pills for African Americans

Ivory Caps - skin whitening pills

Ivory Caps – skin whitening pills

Skin whitening procedures are very popular amongst the black women’s beauty routines. The procedure involves the use of chemicals to lighten up the tone of the skin bringing about an even complexion. In some communities, dark skin is referred to as negative attribute so people tend to lighten their skin to keep abreast with society requirements. This method can be used to correct skin conditions too as well as look better in their own ways.

Generally, skin lightening applications are topical but the process sometimes involves methods such as laser as well as surgeries. To get consistent results, it is advised that pills should be used constantly.

Melanin presence affects the skin color of the person. Melanin is the pigment that determines the skin color of a person. Darkening of the skin may sometimes shoe as a brown colored spots but darkening on selective areas of the body may be due to injury, pregnancy or hormone therapy.

The best skin lightening pills reduces the level of pigmentation by stopping the production of melanin and thus no coloring of the skin. The production and distribution of melanin on skin may be uneven pigmentation and therefore skin lightening aims to solve this problem.

Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills

Glutathione containing pills are beneficial for many thing due to its potent anti-oxidant thus helping in boosting the immune system. It is also known for protection of the heart from the medical conditions that it may experience. Therefore, it is widely preferred instead of the standard skin lightening pills as it has more positive effects.

Many have claimed the results of glutathione after taking for four months that it is actually good for the skin. Most people take two pills in a day for better results. To glutathione, dermatologists suggest taking of injections as they are believed to be of more effectiveness than the pill.

Although, this pills are much more expensive, but the results are faster when using as the pills go directly to the person’s bloodstream. People sometimes go up to 15 injection sessions before they achieve the desired lighter skin.

All this notwithstanding, there is a debate as to whether this ingredient can be helpful in whitening of the skin and complexion improving and if glutathione is one of the best skin lightening pills.

In supplementing the body with glutathione, one is able to improve the complexion of the skin and also improve the quality of the skin. It acclaimed to the one of the most powerful antioxidants that are in the body and present in every cell of the body. It plays a very important role in detoxification of the cells by removal of heavy metals and free radicals that can damage the cells of the body including the skin cells and their quality.

By supplementing the body with high quality glutathione, one can help to improve the health of the cells and mostly the skin and nails, giving a person a radiant glow that is caused by healthy cells and reduced level of toxicity of the body cells.

Dark spots will be greatly reduced and prevented as the enhanced glutathione levels increase in the body. The antiaging levels that Glutathione causes is very remarkable especially from the complexion, the dark spots as well as the wrinkles and thus there is very little that will not benefit from this anti-oxidant.

You are further advised to avoid creams and skin bleaching. Many people resort to the use of topical treatments to improve skin pigmentation which is not the most effective method of long lasting treatment that many of the people think.

It should be noted that there is plenty of Glutathione creams that are available on the market today of which, they are of quality value. But it is important for you to do research

When you want to get Glutathione, you are advised to buy it in the reduced form, implying that oxidation of the supplement does not happen quickly immediately after taking it. When you buy the reduced form, they have better effect as they doesn’t lose the effectiveness immediately they get into the blood stream unlike the regular form of Glutathione.

It is recommended that you take Glutathione with a high dose of vitamin C as a backup supplement. This vitamin is also a good antioxidant with a skin brightening effect.

It is further recommended that you take a minimum of 500 mg of this supplement daily per day to experience a skin whitening effect for this best skin lightening pills. More dose can be taken as this supplement has the tendency to oxidize. You should also take twice the amount of vitamin C to glutathione. There are no overdose studies for the two supplements. But always to contact your physician before taking this or any other supplements.

best skin lightening pills picture before and after

best skin lightening pills picture before and after

In summary for glutathione;

  1. Lightens up the skin by reducing the pigmentation with the following actions
  • Blocking of the melanin formation that is responsible for darkening of the skin
  • Lightening up of the melanin pigmentation that is made by your body
  • Stopping of the chemicals reaction that triggers the suns UV rays that is responsible skin tan
  • Detoxification of the liver preventing and removing of the dark spots
  1. Complete beneficial of the supplement to the body include
  • Total face and body whitening
  • Lightening of the skin up to 4 shades
  • Reduction of the facial pigmentation and also uneven skin tone
  • Erasing of the age spots on arms and also back of the hands
  • Lessen pigmentation on underarms and even the inner thighs
  1. The outstanding benefits for health concerns include;
  • Proven in thousands of scientific researches
  • Fights free radicals
  • Detoxifies potentially harmful toxins from the body

Skin Lightening Pills Side Effects

The common side effects that come out of usage of the best skin lightening pills are;

  1. Allergic reactions; this affects some people due to certain ingredients that are used to manufacture the pills. Some of the body areas can be able to develop swelling and skin rashes. It this occurs then you are advised to stop the usage of such a product and contact the doctor immediately. While visiting the doctor, ensure that you bring along with the product for analysis and avoiding such a reaction in the future.
  2. Cancer causing- carcinogenic ingredients; most of this skin whitening pills are made of a component called hydroquinone that has cancer causing factor. The products is also banned in most of the European Union countries as well as the US due to the research studies that show this
  3. Interruption of the normal skin functions; the production of melanin is always interfered with the normal production of melanin on a person’s skin. Some ingredients have the capability of also affecting the body’s hormone levels
  4. The physical stress to the body; some ingredients that are used to make the skin lightening pills may cause symptoms like insomnia, vomiting, indigestion, headaches and also many others thus causing body weakness.
  5. Liver damage; the constant taking of this pills whatever type they are, may be very harmful. The liver of a person consuming a pill, the liver can gets damaged due to its possibility of the organ overworking itself.

Skin Lightening Pills Before and After

It is however advised that a person seeking services that may involve the use of this pills, find the services in a clinic so that they protect themselves from the malpractices. It is further advised that a person finds out the side effects of lightening the skin before, the services are tried on the body and the doctor will let you know the realities regarding the type of skin whitening.

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