Natural Teeth Whitening at Home [5 Instant Remedies]

Best Natural Teeth Whitening at Home - Instant Remedies

Here you can find tips on how to whiten your teeth through the best natural teeth whitening methods you can do at home.

Flashing a beautiful smile will not only boost your confidence, but it will also certainly brighten someone else’s day.

However, it can sometimes be embarrassing if you don’t have a set of well-formed, white teeth.

Apparently, you don’t have to let your dental imperfections put you down when you can do something about them.

As we can give you the best natural teeth whitening remedies to do at home without paying a huge amount.

Why do you need natural teeth whitening every once in a while?

The need to have clean and white teeth calls for proper maintenance, thus the use of natural teeth whitening at home or in the clinics is important.

And in that regard, it would be ideal to know the causes of discolored teeth before trying anything else.

Knowing the causes of the discoloration prevents you from losing the brightness of your teeth.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Tooth enamel is the white hard outer surface of your teeth. Just underneath the enamel is the dentin.

Dentin is the brown substance that becomes visible when the enamel gets thin.

This may happen due to the loss of dental hard tissue being chemically removed from the surface by acidic reaction or by chelating.

Some of the factors that bring about enamel thinning include aging, genetics or hereditary, or consumption of staining foods.

Teeth can turn yellow, brown, or beige because of the following:

  • Taking fluoride excessively. This can even be found in an untreated water like river water.
  • Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee or tea
  • Consuming foods with high acid quantities like processed foods including soft drinks, candies, sodas etc.
  • Dry mouths also contribute to discoloration as the enamel is protected by saliva
  • Blocked nose passage makes you breathe through your mouth. However, our mouth does not filter dirt like the nose. Mouth breathing also prevents mouth re-moisturising, which protects enamel.

Natural Teeth Cleaning Methods at Home over Professional Treatment

There are various ways and procedures on how to get your teeth cleaned. You have the option to go to a dentist and get a prophylaxis treatment or teeth cleaning, which involves the following:

  • Removal of hard deposits from your teeth in a procedure known as scaling
  • Do a deep cleaning procedure known as root planning
  • Apply medication in form of antibiotic creams in the gum areas
  • Carry out x-ray examinations to identify affected areas and offer treatment

Natural Teeth Whitening at Home [5 Instant Remedies]

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally?

Apparently, a professional teeth cleaning can be expensive. But the alternative to that procedure is to go for natural remedies, which are accessible and way cheaper than the clinical method.

Of course, we should not override the normal daily whitening methods like toothpaste and mouthwash treatments since they’re still the best and most effective way to keep the whiteness of your teeth.

The natural agents should be a good supplement for tooth brushing.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally at Home?

On that note, here are some of the best at home teeth whitening remedies you can use to whiten your teeth.

  1. 1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical substance that fights bacteria and helps in mouth and gum cleaning.

To use this, mix baking soda and water in the proportions of 1:1 and apply it in the mouth with a good brush.

It keeps your mouth and breath fresh as it removes any bacteria around the mouth and teeth.

This can provide protection against natural gum infections such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

You can also mix the hydrogen peroxide with small quantities of baking soda to make a paste that will remove tooth plaque.

This has been proved true by conclusive studies carried out and published in the Dentistry Journal.

  1. 2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar removes tooth stains that can’t easily be removed. It acts as a natural antibiotic and gum/teeth cleaner.

It is very effective when it comes to stains brought about by coffee intake and nicotine from smoking.

This tooth whitening alternative is very strong, and studies have proved that it is similar to the commercial teeth whiteners in terms of effectiveness.

An apple cider contains compounds like acetic, magnesium, enzymes, potassium, and probiotic, which kills germs and encourages good probiotic bacteria to grow.

It helps in breaking down substances that are stuck on the tooth. Make sure to brush with the regular toothpaste after use.

  1. 3. Coconut Oil

According to dental studies, coconut oil has been proved to be very effective when it comes to teeth cleaning.

A spoonful of this coconut oil, when applied to your mouth and teeth for about twenty minutes swishing to and fro, can be effective.

Another method of applying this alternative is to use a piece of clothing to rub it on your teeth.

This natural agent has properties known as an antimicrobial that is definitely useful in protecting gums and teeth.

Studies carried out and published in the Contemporary Dental Hygiene journal shows that coconut oil is a natural and safer method without any side effects.

  1. 4. Citrus Fruits

Substances from citrus fruit, such as lemon/orange peels and lemon oils, contain acids that are beneficial for cleaning and whitening teeth.

These are healthy foods to take, good for digestion as they regulate the levels of stomach acid.

However, extra care should be taken with utmost regard as the high acid content can also be harmful to the teeth.

Too much acid can eventually cause the wearing out of the enamel, especially if continuously used.

As a precaution, always apply water and rinse your mouth after using the lemons and orange peels.

  1. 5. Raw Fruit and Vegetables

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can be good for the well-being of your teeth and overall body health.

According to studies by Dr. Glosman, raw foods like apples, carrots, cauliflower, and nuts can aid in keeping your teeth white and clean.

They help in removing surface stains and plaques that cause teeth cavities.

Remember that it is always good to balance between having healthy teeth and cleaning your teeth.

Some people can go to extremes and make teeth cleaning an obsession.

When too many teeth whitening products are applied, too much enamel can be removed and may cause costly dental damage.

What you essentially require is healthy teeth as the adage goes, “even teeth tainted with color spots can also be healthy if well maintained”.

Natural teeth whitening products are a better alternative as they are cheap, readily available, and can always be applied anytime you want to.

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