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How to Lighten Dark Nipples, Home Remedy, Naturally Cream

how to lighten dark nipples

How can you lighten the dark nipples? We look at the methods of lightening the dark nipples naturally.

How to Lighten Dark Nipples

Nipple color usually varies from people to people and more especially women. It basically depends on various factors that includes the genetic situation or as hereditary. If the body skin is bright or fair, the nipples generally are more fair or pink. If the skin is otherwise dark, brown or black, the nipples are usually brown or dark.

The Asian women have normally darker nipples and look at how to lighten dark nipples. The African women on the other hand have also nipples color ranging from dark to black in usual.

how to lighten dark nipples

best cream for lightening dark nipples

The main reasons of brown, dark or black nipples are:

  • Menstruation
  • Puberty etc.
  • breastfeeding
  • Aging
  • Pregnancy
  • After having a baby
  • Various medications
  • Chafing of the skin

How to Lighten Dark Nipples

Home remedies on how to lighten dark nipples are usually more effective and efficient to lighten the dark nipples naturally. Just look over the kitchen and you may find a lot of cures for the dark nipples. See the below some of the solutions that are used to lighten nipples.

  1. Through the use of vitamin C, an extract of mulberry and even lactic acid, you can be able to lighten the dark nipples in an easy way. These natural elements are used to fade the old or dark skin including the areolas around the nipples, and helps in regeneration of the new skin that looks pinkish in color.
  1. Arbutin is also a good remedy of how to lighten dark nipples that helps to remove the darkness that comes with the nipples. It prohibits the growth of the dark pigmentation by removal of the tyrosinase, known as an enzyme that assists in production of melanin.
  1. Have you ever found any of the below ingredients in the kitchen to treat the dark nipples? Just get into the kitchen. Orange, some cucumber, avocados, the honey and milk are very useful to exfoliation and brightening of the dark nipples or even the areolas.
  1. Vitamin C that contains home remedies performs well in lightening the dark skin, including the lips, nipples or even the areolas. Vitamin C helps in prevention of the production of pigments or the melanin. In addition, it is an anti-oxidant that is able to make the skin healthy and brighter. You can also make use of orange or lemon juice on the dark nipples. Slowly, you will find out that dark nipples have been turned to pink. Avoid use if it irritates the skin.
  1. How to lighten dark nipples using the Liquorice extract; this extract is also another good remedy used to lighten dark nipples including vaginal areas. You can apply both its hot or even the cold root extracts on the vaginal, nipples and the areola areas. You can also obtain Liquorice powder directly from a store. Boil some of the liquorice powder in a glass of pure water for about 15 minutes. You can also mix some of the lemon juice with the extract for obtaining better lightened nipples.

How to Lighten Dark Nipples Home Remedies

What Causes Dark Nipples or Areolas?

  1. Hairs around the Nipples and how to lighten dark nipples

Generally, women do not have hairs on most of the outer parts of the areola. But, a few of the women may have at times a little hair that are around their nipples that may look like the eyelashes. So, if the nipples look dark or even black due to those hairs. Use a hair remover known as Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator to be able to remove the hairs.

  1. Pregnancy how to lighten dark nipples

Pregnancy is usually a dreamy time for most of the women. But, a woman has to accept the sweet blessing that is accompanied with some changes on the body that may not look very good.

The darkening of the skin is usually a common symptom that comes with pregnancy. You can be able to see darker skin on various parts of the body that may include your face, around the eyes and dark lines that snake away under your abdomen.

The dark nipples on the body are also very common symptoms that comes with pregnancy. After about one or two weeks or even a month of conception, the areolas on the breasts starts to turn dark. The nipples may also become bigger in size with the growth of pregnancy. This is caused by the pregnancy hormones.

And the dark nipples are not part of the concern at all at this stage of pregnancy; rather it shows that the pregnancy is doing well. The darkness of the areolas remains in that state until the delivery stage. After the delivery, the nipples get back its original color. Sometimes, the nipples still remain that dark.

  1. Menstruation how to lighten dark nipples

Before or during the menstruation period, there are several changes that are observed. Such as- women getting weak or even sick; their skin also becomes dark, especially the areas around the eyes and even the areolas, the body dehydration, etc. The size of the nipple and color also change slightly during this time. After the menstruation period, the nipples return its normal state.

  1. After birth and breastfeeding how to lighten dark nipples

After birth, the nipples may remain darkenned. If you feed the baby using powder milk, then your nipples may get to the previous pink color. If you breastfeed the baby, the nipples or areolas will remain brown until you halt breastfeeding.

  1. Aging, Medications, Illness and Other Reasons

Aging is also another reason for darkening of the nipples. In the normal ways, when the women grow older, their skin experiences a large number of changes that includes darkness around the eyes or the nipples, the age spots, the wrinkles or the fine lines, etc.

Don’t get worried. Nipple darkening is a simple thing. After birth, menstruation or puberty, the nipples get back their previous color. If you have breastfeeding baby, then the nipples will remain dark for the days until you end up the breastfeeding exercise.

How to get Pink Nipples Home Remedy

If the nipples are black or even dark brown, then you may be worried on how to get pink nipples? Is it really necessary to lighten dark nipples to get pink nipples? Statistics from the studies indicates that around 12% of American women say that dark brown nipples are gorgeous and they appear sexier with darkened color nipples.

Some women even go to an extent of dying their nipples to make it appear darker. On the other hand, many people prefers pink nipples over the darker nipples. However, as the nipples are sexual organs also, you may also want pinkish nipples, it is understood.

The nipples are a great combination of lots of tiny nubs. Stimulating nipples by hand or mouth during the foreplay can be able to turn you on, and provides lots of pleasure to all the men and women. Do you know why? Your both nipples can also be of different size and colors, may also be darker or bigger than one another.

Nipple color is different from one another. There are a lot of genetic as well as regional factors. Women in the African  continent and the Asian region tends to have more dark or dark brown nipples, on the other hand, however, white women’s from the European and North American continents tends to have pink nipples. That notwithstanding, there are always exceptions in this cases.

There are many products available in the market that promise to give you pink nipples. Choose products with natural ingredients so that it doesn’t leave any harsh effect on the nipples and areolas. After pregnancy consuming lots of vitamin C can help you to get the natural color of your nipples.

Most of the nipples lightening products that are available in the market are mostly bleaching products. The most common used and active ingredient in the bleaching products contains is what is known as Hydroquinone, also called Idrochinone or Quinol. It is very much effective in lightening of the dark nipples. However, it can be harsh at times especially to your areolas.

Recently several of the medical organizations have prohibited the use of the products that contains hydroquinone in the USA and Europe. Although, Hydroquinone is of best quality bleach for treatment of the skin spots, however the nipples and areolas are the most sensitive of all and also drug absorbable.

That’s why, most dermatologists would not recommend it for use in the dark nipples, the areola, and vaginal areas. However, there are suggestions on how best you can use Hydroquinone without any harm to your sensitive body parts:

  1. Trail test: Before application of the cream to the areolas. Apply a small amount of cream on the hand skin. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. If the skin in sensitive to Hydroquinone, you will observe redness or puffiness especially in the applied area. In that case don’t apply it on any other part of the body.
  2. Regular use: We don’t recommend just the same way the dermatologist would not recommend using this product daily, even if its suits your skin type. Apply only twice or three times a week at maximum. If you see the rashes, redness or puffiness on the areolas, immediately stop using the product. Don’t worry only stopping it will get rid of the irritating signs. However, avoid using it all over the body, apply the product only to the special areas that you wish to lighten.

Try out this mixture

  1. Mix 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of almond oil; leave on skin for about 15 minutes before washing off using cold water.
  2. Mix oatmeal with curd and tomato juice. Repeat as explained above.Home remedies do take a lot of time to show results. Be patient when using them, otherwise there are also safe skin lighteners that are found in the market that are formulated for this purpose including the papaya kojic acid soap, the black licorice soap, dermaline skin whitening cream or lotion and a high sunscreen protection factor creams.
    These work well together to assist in achieving the results that you want.Remember that there are various nipple bleaching and also the nipple whitening products that are found on the web and in the market but they can be really harmful as most of the bleaching products contain Hydroquinone.

So it is better to refrain completely from these market products be happy with the color you have, regular showering and soft scrubbing can also be of benefits in reducing of the skin color, the body parts are usually hidden and thus also get darker due to the heat.

How to Darken Nipples Naturally

The best method for darkening the pale areolas, is known as areola repigmentation or as areola tattooing. This is a very safe and practical method to darken the nipples and areolas. Sounds painful though right? Well it is not painful as you will be given Lidocaine to be able to completely numb the area that will be tattooed. Many plastic surgeons are able to offer areola tattooing, specifically those plastic surgeons that specialize in breast reconstruction

Areola Color and Size

The first step applied in darkening of the pale areolas is to choose on the color that you will want your areolas to be and if you want also to have them to be made larger. Colors are able to be mixed to any shade that you would like from the very light pink to a very deep dark brown.

Pale Areola Tattooing Procedure

The actual procedure is just a normal office visit that may take less than one hour from start to finish.  The tattooing gadget will be placed on top of the breast. Since the area will be made 100% numb you will not be in a position to be able to really feel anything but only some slight pressure pushing down. When the darkening of the nipple procedure starts you may feel some minor vibrations around the nipple area. The entire procedure may take less than 30 minutes.

The Final Results

You may be amazed at the new outcome of the color of the areolas and nipples. They will appear 100% natural and not like a tattoo as expected. Nobody will ever know that you had your areolas darkened. It is possible that the pigment will with time fade a little bit over the first year but this normally not the case for most of the women and can always be touched up if needed by your plastic surgeon.

Cost of Darkening Pale Areolas

Areola darkening is very cheap and most plastic surgeons charge only $200 to $350 dollars. Insurance companies may not cover areola darkening or any type of non-reconstructive plastic surgery as it is not be taken as a medical necessity.

Dark Nipples Not Pregnant

Sometimes the nipple may become darker due to the hairs around the areola, during pubertal stage, the menstruation, illness, the aging, and medications. Nevertheless, there are a lot of beauty products that can be able to give you a more permanent pink nipples.

Dark Nipples Pregnancy Sign

Nipple darkening is very normal. It happens after some conditions, including breast-feeding or menstruation etc. Of course, if the skin on your body is naturally dark, the nipples must be dark or even brown

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