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kojic acid skin lightening

A closer look at kojic acid skin lightening cream, soap and reviews relating to the acid as well as the potential side effects

Kojic Acid Skin Lightening

kojic acid skin lightening

kojic acid before and after

Kojic acid is a natural crystal like product that is applied is some skin lightening products. It is normally packed in a cream form and mixed in at very different concentrations with the cream between 2 and 4%.

As much as commercial skin whitening products appear it is one of the better products to use to lighten the skin.

So if you are wondering how to lighten dark spots or how to effectively bleach skin on the face or other parts of the body then kojic acid skin lightening can be a solution for that you are looking for.

When you’re studying on methods that can be used to brighten skin most individuals will first look at a skin bleach cream. There seems to be quite a number of bleach cream for the skin lightening products that are found on the market.

With several products to choose from it can be very hard to know the ones that are good for you and the ones that are not. If you have studied skin bleaching creams, you will mostly find a lot of products claiming to be very effective.

And there may even be several reviews of the product that seem to display it as good, but that does not imply they are safe to use.

You have to be very careful especially on what you put on the skin so as to not destroy it. Everything that comes into contact with the skin can be able to be absorbed into the blood stream and eventually circulated through the body. And some products are extremely poisonous.

There are ingredients found in skin lightening products that you must be aware of as poisonous, for example the use of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been banned in several countries like the USA because it has been said to be a possible carcinogen. Unfortunately not all nations have this ban on the ingredient as expected, but one may wonder why not.

It’s crucial to be aware that availability of a product is on the market that does not imply it is a safe one. When it comes to the health, you are your strongest of the persons. It is relevant that you take some time to actually study what goes into the skin, specifically the bleaching cream you apply.

In view of the hydroquinone debate, commercial manufacturers have found safer ingredients to add into the bleach for skin products. It is relevant to look for compounds that are manufactured from natural sources as opposed to using those that are made from unnatural products. Kojic acid skin whiteners fits the bill of that description. Kojic acid can be availed in several skin whitener products.

Kojic acid skin lightening originated in Japan and is a chelation agent that is made from different species of a fungi. Specifically the Aspergillus oryzae, which is commonly known as the koji.

skin whitening before and after

skin whitening before and after

A chelating agent is a chemical compound that is made from organic materials that create complexes with substrates and other metal ions.

It can also be made available as a byproduct of the process of fermentation when processing Japanese rice wine and the sake. But in a much simpler terms, this type of acid is strictly made from organic materials.

The chemical compound found in kojic acid skin lightening soap and facial cream penetrates very deep within the cellular layer of the skin that keeps dark pigmentation from formation.

It does that by inhibiting the production of melanin. Melanin is the dark pigment that gives the skin its color.

Studies indicates that when kojic acid skin lightening is used in manufacturing cosmetics it is safe as long as the product density does not go beyond 2% concentration. Higher concentration levels could lead to toxicity in the body.

Other studies indicates that a 1% concentration is not as effective as the 2% formulas. So if you choose to go with kojic acid cream, it is best look for the 2% type.

It should also be noted that if you have cuts or broken skin or peeling this is not considered safe for application and you should avoid using products with the acid in it.

The time it takes for the product to be effective depends on each individual. But as a general rule due to the way this product works, it can take up to a period of 3 months to reduce the brown and gray areas that appear on the body. It does take longer than other over the counter cosmetics but the results can be better.

While Kojic acid skin lightening may not be unsafe for you, the question is, “is it the right choice for my type of skin?” Well it may be okay, there are always other alternatives of the product to over the counter products.

The best and safest way to go is to make natural skin whitening cream. To naturally whiten the skin, you can use a series of DIY skin whitening recipes to achieve better results you are looking for.

At the end of the day it’s crucial to remember you don’t have to bleach skin with products that contains side effects.

Natural recipes make use of ingredients that directly come from the grocery store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on specialty items. These recipes are very easy to follow and too simple to mix up on the spot.

Some individuals do not make use of natural recipes as they don’t think it is something they can figure out or have the time to do. But that is the far thing from the real thing. Anyone can be able to mix up a recipe using proper instructions and it can be done in very few minutes. And the best aspect of DIY is that the end product is completely safe to apply.

True, you can use the products that are found over the counter, but natural skin care recipes are usually a better option. If you can apply a recipe or holistic method, then you do not have to worry about negative reactions. Effectively you take control of the whole process.

You see by using the food products that you may eat anyway you are not in any way exposing yourself to the harmful manmade chemicals. So not only can you avoid the side effects but you can get the same results you are looking for from the commercial products in the same amount of time and even sometimes less period.

When skin whitening products were relatively new to the market and were still only prescribed by dermatologists and doctors, usually prescribed for only for people with severe melasma or hyperpigmentation, many interested people had never heard of kojic acid at all.

Today, kojic acid skin lightening is being used in cosmetic shops and skin lightening products regularly as it actually works and doesn’t have the negative side effects of several chemicals and compounds used as main ingredients.

If you’re already applying topical treatments for skin whitening or just weighing your other options before you pick a type to try, you should maybe consider a product that has kojic acid. Kojic acid has several other benefits that other main ingredients can’t provide.

Kojic acid is an all-natural compound made from fungi – which is some sort of mushrooms. That implies that kojic acid is fully natural and is not something that’s man-made in a laboratory by a group of people and dermatologists.

Kojic acid skin lightening can be purchased in a raw form, but buying a pre-mixed topical skin whitening treatment that has kojic acid makes more sense for individuals. Most pre-mixed topical treatments have other several important ingredients that can assist kojic acid to better do its job when it comes to whitening dark spots or the overall complexion.

Kojic acid performs its functions in a fairly unique and effective method, especially considering that it is all-natural.

Simply put, kojic acid skin lightening aims at stopping the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its dark pigment, and the more a person has, the darker the skin will be. Age spots, sun spots and spots that are related to melasma and even hyperpigmentation generally contain abit more melanin than the surrounding healthy skin.

However, you don’t need to have a skin problem for the kojic acid to work. It will work even on healthy skin and reduce the production of the dark pigment, giving the skin an overall whiter appearance wherever you use the topical treatment.

Several products that are designed for whitening the skin have a very short shelf life as they really aren’t all that stable. Products which contain kojic acid usually have a much longer shelf life as kojic acid resists oxidation and spoilage more.

Since most manufacturers of skin lightening products sell treatments for fairly longer periods of time, acquiring one with kojic acid makes more sense. If you have to apply a skin lightening treatment for about six months, you don’t like to see the product going bad or stopping to be effective halfway through. Kojic acid will not do that as it’s very stable.

Unlike several main ingredients that are used in topical treatments and are designed to whiten the skin, kojic acid is safer.

For instance, hydroquinone, which is a common ingredient used in dermatologist-prescribed skin whitening treatments can cause unbelievable dry skin, severe rashes and even contact dermatitis –a type of short-lived but severe allergic reaction of the skin. Kojic acid is not believed to cause severe dry skin, rashes or contact dermatitis, even in people who have sensitive skin.

Kojic acid isn’t just used for skin care treatment either. Kojic acid is also usually used in foods as a preservative as its all-natural and assists in extending the shelf life of any given product. That means that kojic acid skin lightening is very safe that it can actually be eaten without any negative side effects. You certainly can’t prove that work about other products usually found in skin whitening products.

Kojic acid is a compound that is commonly found in various fungi. Kojic acid is usually used as a skin lightening agent due to its effects on a protein called tyrosinase. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, this acid works by prevention of a specific work of enzyme tyrosinase known for its catecholase function.

The relevant thing to note about the catecholase function is that it is the most relevant step in making of the compound called melanin. Melanin is the primary dark pigment found in skin. Therefore, by inhibiting the tyrosinase ability of the proteins in making of melanin, this acid is able to prevent melanin formation that can help whiten the skin’s tone.

Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Cream Reviews

kojic acid skin lightening

kojic acid skin lightening

Most of the customers say that the product is amazing with much more easier outcome and for people with melisma, they will experience greater results.

The only active ingredient found in Kojic Acid Cream is usually the kojic acid which is a natural compound that is derived from natural fungi.

It is 100% natural and doesn’t have harsh chemicals that may cause severe skin irritation or other negative reactions to the skin. Kojic acid works in lightening the skin by stopping the production of the dark pigmentation.

Melanin is the dark substance in the skin that provides its pigment so the more of the pigment you have, the darker the skin will be. Dark spots, sun spots and all other spots that are related to hyperpigmentation and even melasma have more melanin as compared to skin in all other parts of the body.

Kojic acid is not just used for skin discolorations but it can also be applied topically to whiten healthy skin if you want to have an overall whiter skin tone.

The best thing on Kojic Acid skin lightening Cream is that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals like the ones in hydroquinone which is connected to a lot of side effect.

The product is made from all-natural ingredients that makes it considerably safer compared to other products that makes use of chemicals. There are several clinical researches that indicates that kojic acid is a safe compound that doesn’t cause serious side effects to users.

Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap

After exfoliation using the kojic acid skin lightening soap, the new skin underneath becomes more sensitive. The new, fresh skin formed is now more sensitive to sunlight, radiation, and to all other harsh products. An individual needs to apply something like corticosteroid to skin after exfoliation so as to strengthen the skin against any hypersensitivity.

Side Effects of Kojic acid Skin Lightening

As with several other products, there can be several side effects that can come by with the application of kojic acid skin lightening cream. In some cases kojic skin lightening cream has been experienced to make a user’s complexion whiter than what they expected the skin to be.

Be very careful in the sun when applying the use of this product as the skin may burn more easily. This is a general rule when using any skin lightening product.

Another side effect that users usually complain of is the increased skin sensitivity after long term use. This can be a source of a concern for those who are already susceptible to skin sensitivities. The skin might experience itchy feeling, inflammation, or even redness. One could liken the symptoms of the application of the product to being exposed to poison ivy.

For those who are experiencing these types of symptoms, you should consider choosing a lower concentration of the product. If it continues to be a problem, natural skin lightening methods would be better.

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