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How do Celebrities lighten their Skin, Safely, Effectively, Procedures, Before and After

Before and After Cebebrity skin bleaching

A critical look at how do celebrities lighten their skin in a safe and effective manner including the procedures.

Before and After Cebebrity skin bleaching

how do celebrities bleach their skin

Black American celebrity Skin Lightening

The skin of black Americans contain a lot of melanin than those with pale complexions. The high amount of melanin that is in their skin is very beneficial to them.

It is through the high melanin concentration that they are at a reduced risk of getting skin cancer and their skin is equally rarely affected by the suns UV rays. This skin is also at less risk of getting wrinkles and fine lines. The excessive melanin makes their skin to be prone to blemishes and dark patches.

The African Americans desire too to have a lighter skin and there are many tips that they can use to lighten their skin. For African Americans to achieve the complexions along with other natural tips for the sake of the best results. So how do celebrities lighten their skin?

Exfoliation has been used for a longer period to removal of dead skin cells that lies under the skins surface. Dead skin can make a person look dry and dull. When the dead cells are exfoliated for at least twice a week, the skin is brightened and cleaned. There are many exfoliants that are found on the market. They include jojoba beads that exfoliates without scratching the skin. They can be used in shower gels and face washes. The baking soda is also a gentle exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells that makes the skin dark.

Natural skin lighteners can also be used. These products are well known to block the formation of melanin. They can easily be found in the kitchen. They include lemon that when squeezed and applied on the skin with a clean cotton ball, followed by a good moisturizer that has high level of vitamin E ike the cocoa butter. Lemon can also help in reducing the scarring.

How do Celebrities Lighten their Skin

Some home remedies might not give the most anticipated results and the next step especially for celebrities is by trying out a skin lightening cream. It is however advised that you avoid using of harmful creams that contain harmful chemicals.

Ensure to find a skin lightening cream that has natural and safe ingredients. Celebrities should use illuminatural, which is a proven skin lightening treatment that contains safe ingredients. This treatment is a proven skin treatment especially for people with a dark skin tone. It has potent natural ingredients which produce safe results that are also noticeable. Alpha arbutin and also niacinamide are known for their effectiveness to the lightening of the skin.

These products also help in production reduction of melanin thus making the skin to glow. They contain natural exfoliators that slough out the dark cells. The products are also known to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Celebrities make use of the skin lightening cream that are available in abundance over the counter that works by reducing the production of melanin in the skin. They use products that are effective in skin lightening such as the glycolic acid and vitamin C. the products are used in abundance because they are sage to use. Always ensure that you strictly follow the directions of the packaging or as advised by the physician to avoid experiencing bad reaction. Do not use products that contain mercury as the active ingredient. Mercury based products are banned in many countries although they are still available in most parts of the world.

What do Celebrities use to lighten their Skin – Products

Mshoza South African Musician

Mshoza South African Musician

The market for skin lightening creams is so saturated for a person to choose the best skin lightening cream that actually works for his or her skin. You should take keen note that not all creams work best for the skins of blacks, some creams work well with Asians while others works perfectly well with black Africans skin in clearing of the dark spots. However for a person looking for a full body skin lightening, it is allowed to lighten the tone by various number of shades.

Celebrities mostly consider using skin lightening surgeries. But they also use some of the top rated creams that are as listed below;

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin using Tretinion; studies have indicated that the use of this ingredient in the skin lightening products can be effective in the treatment of skin discolorations. The users of this ingredient have to completely avoid sunshine as their skin can easily tan as use of tretinion on the skin can make the skin to be very sensitive to UV rays.
  • How do celebrities lighten their skin using Hydroquinone; this is considered as one topical ingredient in skin lightening products that is very effective in inhibiting totally inhibiting the production of melanin. The2% topical hydroquinone can be found in the cosmetics shop and the 4% is available only at the dermatologist prescription which can be combined with tretinion in the effectiveness of prevention of sun induced melisma.

This product is a strong inhibitor in the production of melanin thus preventing the darkening of the skin from making the melanin that is responsible for coloring the skin. This product does not also bleach the skin but rather is known to lighten it and totally disrupts the production of the hyperpigmentation. This product has however been banned in several countries including the European countries and the US due to fear of cancer.

There are also some other concerns that relate to this product on the safety of the skin that has also been expressed through various research in topical application of the product indicating various negative reactions that are minor or that results from extreme use of high concentrations.

Due to action of hydronoquines action on the skin, it is said to be an irritant and more especially when combined with tretinion.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin using Arbutin; some of this natural lighteners on the market are derived from natural sources of hydronoquine. Pure forms of this arbutin is usually taken as more potent in the affecting of the skin lightening.
  • How do celebrities lighten their skin By Use of retinoid: these are acidic forms of vitamin A that effectively lightens the skin by exfoliating the skin and also speeding up the turnover of the cells. Retinoid creams lightens the skin and helps in clearing the discoloration, they are also effective at smoothing the fine lines and also wrinkles thus making the skin look brighter and younger. It can also help in clearing of acne especially when used in higher concentrations. They can cause dryness, redness and also flakiness at first but once the skin gets used to this product, they always disappear. This product can also make your skin to be sensitive to sunlight and thus should be applied regularly and by wearing of the sunscreen during the day.

    Samy Sosa Baseball retiree

    Samy Sosa Baseball retiree

This product is only available through prescription by a dermatologist especially if you are interested in using of this product in treatment. However it is allowed to obtain a less potent version of retinoid cream over the counter in beauty shops.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by Use of a chemical peel: this are very effective when it comes to skin lightening. They usually operate by burning and clearing away the top layers of the skin that are usually highly pigmented thus revealing the fresher and lighter- colored skin that is underneath. With this method, the acidic substance is usually applied to the skin and left for about 15 minutes. The chemical peel may cause a tingling or burning sensation on the skin that often leave the skin looking red for a few days.

A dermatologist may recommend a series of chemical peels that are done between 2 to 4 weeks apart and it is very critical that you avoid exposure to the sunlight or try to wear sunscreen as the skin becomes extra sensitive.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by microdermabrasion; this is a good option for the people who have sensitive skin to acid peels and use of creams. It works by exfoliating the skin, removing dull, darker layers and therefore leaving the skin brighter and fresher. During the procedure, a closed vacuum attached to a rotating diamond is put on the face. The dead skin cells are thus removed and sucked in the vacuum.

This treatment takes somewhere that takes about 20 minutes and to achieve noticeable results, then you can apply about 12 treatments.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by Use of lemon juice; the citric acid that is found in the lemon juice is regarded as a natural bleaching agent that can greatly help in bleaching of the skin if carefully used. Citrus acid when applied on your body can cause sunburn and thus the need to avoid going out in the sun. try to use the ingredient safely.

Squeeze the lemon juice from half cut lemon fruit and dilute it. Apply it directly on the face and leave it for 15 minutes, during this period, do not go out in the sunlight. Thoroughly rinse the lemon juice from your skin when it is done and apply a good moisturizer immediately as the lemon juice can be very drying. Repeat this process for about 3 times a week for better results

  • Use of turmeric; this is an Indian spice that is used for skin lightening treatments for a long period of time. The effects of this spice has not been studied if it can possibly inhibit melanin production thus preventing the skin from becoming tanned.

You should mix turmeric with olive oil and chickpea flour forming a thick paste. Apply the formed paste on the skin gently on circular motions, this helps in exfoliating the skin.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by Use of renewed radiance dark spot corrector; this is an over the counter and a good option for the celebrities that are looking for a more even skin tone but their skin cannot tolerate the use of substances as hydronoquine. The lotion is also a good fragrance free and packaged in an attractive container and stable even where there is air and sunlight.

It is further argued that the ingredient used in making of the product has an impact on the spots and even skin discolorations. The licorice extract that is contained in the formula is also anti-inflammatory that has an impact on inhibiting the production of melanin. The caffeine that is also contained in this product has also elicited reactions that is mixed over whether it has an impact on skin lightening and brightening up of the skin, although it is an anti-oxidant making it a great idea.

  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by Pro X Even Skin Tone Fading Treatment; this lotion is usually known for its light weight and the packaging that is in a sleek dropper reinforcing its treatment nature. The product is usually included with niacinamide which is an ingredient that has a silky texture and fragrance free formula that is suitable for almost all skin types. The formula also has soothing agents that are able to improve the brown spots disappearance and also correcting uneven skin tone.
  • How do celebrities lighten their skin by Lytera Skin Brightening Complex; this takes the fastest approach to clearing the brown spots and all other discolorations that is caused by the sun damage. It also contains a high amount of the niacinamide and much stabilized vitamin C that are the two ingredients which research has shown that they can be able to whiten discolorations, the product may also contain retinol and the licorice root that is known to whiten discolorations.

The only setback that is with this product is the pricing value, as it is expensively  acquired on many parts of the world and also contains fragrance that is not recommended for sensitive skin.

This product equally has anti-oxidants and chief among them being vitamin C and E. the product company however claims that the two have been included in the product, however, there is no researched evidence that points to the fact of the two ingredients having effects on the lightening of the skin.

  • Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener; this product is well formulated to lighten the skin combining the use of hydronoquine at lower percentage and some glycolic acid with a base pH of about 3.3 thus able to keep the hydronoquine stable. It is advised for normal skin for normal skin to dry when applied all over the body.

This product however, misses a selection of the identical ingredients and more anti-oxidants. Despite that particular shortcoming, it is regarded as one of the better options for the people who want to lighten brown discolorations. Also another setback of the product is inclusion of fragrance that can put the skin at risk of irritation when mixed with other active ingredient.

Celebrity Skin Lightening Gone Wrong

Ini Edo Nollywood actress

Ini Edo Nollywood actress

There are times when the procedure of skin lightening does not always produce the desired results. When skin lightener is applied on the entire body, the procedure can be too risky. It should be noted with caution that the active ingredient in most of the skin lighteners is mercury and hence the bleaching of the skin can lead to mercury poisoning of the body.

Mercury being a toxic agent can lead to psychiatric, kidney problems and even neurological complications. Pregnant women that use such skin lighteners can expose their unborn child to mercury. The use of mercury as a component in skin lighteners is banned in many countries including the US.

Side Effects of Skin Lightening

  • Use of laser technology in assisting of skin lightening through clearance of skin blemishes and dark spots have several effects that a person should be well informed. Some people may experience prolonged redness and may be swelling of the skin after the laser treatment thus causing blistering of the skin, scarring, scabbing and other infections. Laser usually disrupts the structure of the cells that produce melanin. It can sometimes however cause increased melanin production that have an effect of darkening the skin or sometimes causes the lightening of the skin.
  • Some skin lightening surgery that is more aggressive can cause the skin to become raw or blister and ooze from the treated areas thus forming a crust that also lead to crusting
  • The skin can also become very sensitive to sunlight after any skin treatment aimed at lightening the skin and thus it becomes important that you minimize the exposure of the skin to the sun during the treatment period and also ensure that you regularly use sunscreen to minimize the effects of sunlight on the skin.
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