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Learn about pimple in ear canal, cartilage, outer ear, hind ear, ear lobe, the inside, causes, how to get rid of and also how to pop.

Why do I Have Pimple in Ear

The first and foremost main cause of this unpleasant pimple in ear is total failure to complying with the set hygiene rules. Some other people also have a poor habit of scratching their ears using their nails or even a pin, a pen or a pencil. This causes pimples in the ear canal. Ear pimples may also be brought about by the unwashed hair, the beach sand, cosmetics of low quality as well as fur or woolen hat.

This is a very common occurrence and can occur anywhere on the surface of the ear including inside parts of the ear canal. Pimple in ear are simply blocked up pores found in the skin. While they are very harmless, they may even sometimes be painful making ear aches or even infections.

Ears are a very potential and fertile ground for the development of the acne as the area inside and even around the ears are usually filled with sebaceous glands.

The ear canal most of the times keeps secreting a large amount of an oily fluid. This fluid is crucial to make the canal well lubricated. This kind of oily secretion is most of the times pushed out of the ear on a regular basis. This is known as ear wax.

A pimple sometimes gets formed when the duct draining the oily fluid gets sometimes blocked. This occurs if the fluid that is being secreted is also excessive, or there is an accumulation of dirt, the dead cells or even tissue debris is in the canal.

The blocked duct doesn’t let the fluid come out. Hence, the secretions keep collecting inside and a pimple gets formed.

Ears cleaning must be performed with care, as it is a very serious process that you cannot be able to force, scratch, try to scratch any deeper and so forth. It is also important to do it carefully and by only use of special tools. Not only the auricle part and the ear canal to be clean, but also including the hair that may accumulate a large deposits of bacteria as well as microorganisms.

It all must convince everyone who do not want to experience a pimple especially in the ear: personal hygiene must be observed anytime and anywhere. The ears must be regularly washed using cotton swabs. The telephone as well as headset must always be very clean.

It is crucial to hit the bed clothing from time to another, to shake the hat before even putting it on, and so forth. And make it become a rule to wash the hair twice a week or more.

More often the pimples inside ear, as well as the pimples that are near the ears are not felt faster. Only if the inside ear pimples is touched when combing the hair, they will then hurt, as it is in this area that the skin is too sensitive.

The cold-related pimple found in ear is also very common. Especially dangerous are the summer draughts that immediately affects the sweating skin with different kinds of ear acne. In the winter period cold pimples may also affect those who do not realize the importance of a headgear.

It must however be noted that the ear pimples are a true despair for the young people that are affected by an increase of hormones leading to excess amount of white blood cells as well as the sebum. As a result of the face and ears the acne appears.

It is, of thus, quite a very natural happening, but do not leave it just like that to chance. To get rid of the ugly ear pimple it is crucial to apply special cosmetics that are designed specifically for the young skin. And if the case turned out to be very difficult, do not delay in any way to visit to the beautician or even a dermatologist

Other common causes of Ear Pimples

If a pimple occurred in the ear, it hurts or itches, grows large in size or just is normally felt inside without any other particular indications, its causes can be not only the ones indicated above, but also many more others:

  • Hormonal disorders that occurs during the stages of puberty or pregnancy;
  • Stressful circumstances that exist in the life of every other person, both at home and even at work;
  • Allergic reactions to various cosmetics, vitamin complexes, clothes;
  • Wrong nutrition leads to many of the internal organs to act abnormally and show their problems through the acne;
  • Serious chronic problems that usually and manifest in similar symptoms.

Pimple in Ear Canal

The main symptom of pimple in ear canal is pain. The pain may also become very severe even though the pimple is usually a bit small. This is due to the location of the boil.

Other symptoms can include the itch, the irritation and even sometimes a temporary hearing loss at the period when the infection is present.

If the pimple in ear canal bursts, you may experience a sudden discharge from the ear canal. If this occurs, then the pain often eases dramatically, and the symptoms soon go down.

Mostly they happen for no good reason. They are like many of the spots or small pimples that can occur on any part of the skin. In some other cases the infection may develop on a damaged skin. You can damage the skin in the area of the infected ear canal if you poke the ear with such objects as a cotton wool bud. Slightly damaged skin may quickly become much inflamed and infected.

The skin of the ear is not very different from that found on the rest parts of the face. It also responds to the same hormonal stimulations like the rest of the body. It is crucial to note that, having the pimple in ear is not uncommon and thus should be able to quickly respond to the pimple treatment like any of those in other areas.

The point of concentration occurs when the pimple becomes sore, becomes painful and does not want to go away even with the treatment. A research conducted in Boston by the dermatologists indicates that ear acne is very similar to the clogged pores you may experience see anywhere else.

Most ear pimples most of the times can go unrealized for a period until they start to be sore or are touched unknowingly like when one is combing the hair. The skin found on the ear is much sensitive implying that once the pimple in ear start to hurt, you will definitely feel it. Once a pimple in ear begins to hurt it would be right to be able to assume that it is no longer acne but a boil or even a furuncle.

How to prevent infections in the ear canal

Some other people usually find that water, shampoo, hair spray, etc, that gets usually into their ears can lead to irritation or itch. The itch may make you to poke or even scratch the ear canal using a finger or a cotton wool bud. This can damage the skin inside the ear canal and lead to inflammation. Inflamed skin may quickly become so much infected.

Some other people may try to clean out their ears using cotton buds. This is not only not important, but may also damage the skin that is in the ear canal.

Thus, you might like to prevent infections of the ear canal by the following:

  • Try not to scratch or even poke the ear canal using fingers, cotton buds, etc.
  • Do not clean the ear canal using cotton buds. They may then scratch or even irritate, and push dirt and wax further inside the ear. The ear will then clean itself, and the bits of wax may fall out now and then.
  • If you have a kind of sensitive ears, then keep the ear canal dry and also avoid soap or shampoo from getting in. You can do this especially when you shower by placing of a piece of cotton wool that is coated in soft white paraffin (like Vaseline) in the outer part of the ear.

Do not use corners of pieces of clothes or cotton buds to dry the water that does get inside the ear canal. This will only do push the water further in. Let the ear then dry naturally. When you swim try as much as possible to keep the ears dry.

You can do this by putting on a tightly fitting cap that covers both ears. Some of the swimmers use silicone rubber earplugs. But, only use such if they do not at any case irritate the skin in the ear canal

Pimple in Ear Cartilage

The ear canal is not usually the only area that is affected by the painful ear pimples. Pimples that form behind the ear are also very common. Being in a constant contact with the hair, telephone receivers and even the headphones, this is also another area that is usually affected by the ear pimples. If these bacteria is not cleaned well from time to time they can keep and carry itself to the area around the ear canal.

During cleaning of the ears, remember to also clean the skin on the ear cartilage or behind the ears as well. Clean the telephone receiver as well as handset. Change the pillows from time to time and be sure to clean the hair as much as possible to prevent the accumulation of oil and dirt behind the ears. Avoid using of greasy hair products that may aggravate the acne.

Pimple in Outer Earlobe

It may also seem that people rarely touch some other areas, for instance, the earlobes. But people usually touch this areas of the ear without knowing – during a phone conversation or when tidying their hair.

Such gestures do not remain in the memory, so watching a pimple on the earlobe you cannot understand where it actually came from. But its cause is always the same, which is the contact with the unwashed hands or even hair.

How to Pop Pimple in Ear

Our ear canal is much richly supplied with several nerve endings. So, the pimples erupting here are usually too painful.

A simple pimple that erupts, which has no given sign of infection, that is no pain, may be left as such. There are better chances that it may go away on its own just with time.
An infected pimple that is very painful requires an antibiotic treatment as soon as possible. Start application of a topical antibiotic, just like mupirocin ointment, over the pimple in ear. Apply it at least thrice daily for one week.

If pus is much visible, its drainage is relevant. This may be performed by first softening of the pimple by doing a warm compresses. As the outer covering of the pimple in ear becomes soft, pus can drain out of it slowly.

How to Get Rid of Pimple in Ear

Home Remedies for Pimples and Methods of Treatment

Solutions of pimples in the ear removal are very numerous, but to apply them, you require perseverance, patience as well as accuracy.

  1. Sometimes the ear pimple may have been accidentally injured. Initial thing is not to let the infection to spread. Immediately you should wipe the affected area using alcohol. If the wound happens to be behind the ear, then put plaster on it.
  2. You may assist yourself using other conventional means like Differin and tar soap. Masks that cleanse and sometimes moisturize the skin are also very effective. Such a mask should be applied on the face as well as on the problem areas near the ears.
  3. To increase the rate of pimple pointing then make a hot compress assisting in cases of serious inflammation. To perform this, use on the pimple a cotton pad that is soaked in the alcohol or even some herbal tincture. Cover the pimple using cellophane and secure it using plaster. After an hour later, you should remove the compress. This process should be performed several times a day until a complete disappearance of the pimple is observed.

Soak a cotton ball or even a small towel into a bowl full of warm or slightly hot water and use the damp cotton or towel on the pimples you may feel or observe. Repeat this process behind the ears. Do this regularly and even wash the affected area using a gentle face wash to remove any exposed dirt.

Hot water compress assists to widen and even open the skin pores so as to enable the dirt to be able to get out. In the pimples that has no white tip, the compress helps sometimes to dry it out, so that white puss may come out to the skin surface, thus a quickened healing process.

  1. If the compress fails to work, you can then choose Chloromycetin drops. Usually they immediately deal with inflammatory processes. If there is an experience of pain in the ear canal, then it is necessary to drip the medicine directly into the ear and then cover using a compress.
  2. Salicylic alcohol is not only used for treatment, but also for the prevention. There is also an ointment that has salicylic acid. It is used in prevention of relapses.
  3. Consultation of a dermatologist is needed if the ears are fully covered with the black dots. Special equipment and the cosmetics quickly gets rid of these defects. But avoid any squeezing of these points by yourself as this may lead to more inflammation.
  4. If the acne in the ears appears more often, you need to see a dermatologist who will then prescribe more examination. Perhaps the pimples appeared as a result of a hormonal disorder.
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