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bumps on chin

An insight on bumps on chin, not acne, that won’t go away, under the skin, that are white, red as well as how to get rid of the treatment.

bumps on chin

bumps on chin picture

Bumps on Chin not Acne

A person loses his or her confidence well enough when having an irritable bumps on chin on the skin. Similarly, a pimples are unwanted to all of us.

Nevertheless, such an irritation is very common so that you may have to experience it a little or more number of times.

Although many of the commercial products that are available in the market promise to get rid of the problem from its root, they have least effect on bumps on chin. Improper use of these anti-bumps products might even darken the skin while leaving it very dull and much discolored

Bumps on Chin Won’t Go Away

Bumps on chin can be a harmless type of acne (as long as you don’t try to squeeze them), but these particular tiny flesh-colored bumps are very annoying as they give the skin an unwanted bumpy look as well as feel. Clogged pores happen anywhere on the face, but are very usual at the forehead and chin area.

Like treating acne, successful treatment of the clogged pores may need a customized approach. What works for one person’s clogged pores may or may not work for another as everyone’s skin is very different. However, if you invest more time to figure out what’s leading to the skin to get the clogged pores, the reward is knowing how to keep the skin very nice and smooth all the time.

Bumps under Skin Chin

Causes of bumps under chin

  • Genetics; Genes play a big role in the make-up of the skin. Take a look at the parents’ skin or even ask them about their skin history and that should give you an idea of your own skin issues.
  • Hormones; The most obvious of the examples of hormonal bumps is the bumps on the chin you get during puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.
    Hormonal bumps, especially adult bumps, tends to happen lower on the face, around the chin and even the jaw line. Hormonal bumps on chin also tend to happen with no obvious explanation and be bigger and deeper spots.
    Women usually experience more of the adult hormonal bumps than men because of their monthly periods. However, men can also experience hormonal bumps. Spikes in testosterone are the usual cause and this can be brought about by eating too much soy, protein bars, etc.
  • Cosmetically Related bumps on chin; This is usually the kind of bumps that a person get when you apply a new product and starts to break out.
    It may be from the makeup, sunscreen, products that have ingredients that clog the pores, irritating fragrance from the fabric softeners, or even irritation from the toothpaste.
    It could also be hygiene related, such as improperly removing makeup and/or sunscreen, not cleaning cell phones, not changing pillow cases often, or using dirty makeup brushes.
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities: Food allergies are very much subtle but they can pack a big punch when it comes to the bumps on chin. These include a sensitivity to dairy, iodine, biotin, sugar, soy, etc.
    If a person have bumps that emanates from food sensitivities, the bumps on chin might take about 4-5 days to show up after taking a particular food. For instance, if you take shrimp one day and break out the next, that is generally too short of a time span to tell if the shrimp was the actual bumps culprit, unless you have an immediate allergic reaction.

Red Bumps on Chin

red bumps on chin - cystic acne

red bumps on chin – cystic acne

Perioral dermatitis or as it is sometimes known as periorificial dermatitis, is a skin condition indicated by a red bumpy rash around the mouth area- chin. Some other people mistake the bumps on chin for acne.

Most of the sources say that the exact cause is yet not known but there can be some things which may be linked with the development of the skin disorder like the use of topical corticosteroid creams that is applied to the face to treat all other skin conditions.

Ironically the individual may use a steroid cream to try to get rid of this rash only to have the symptoms come back even worse when the treatment is stopped.

White Bumps on Chin

Milia is usually the technical term used for small, hard, white bumps that may show up—mostly on the face—in just about any other person, including infants and the adults. These frustrating yet benign bumps are very stubborn, lasting for many weeks, months, sometimes longer.

Though milia aren’t very harmful in any way, eliminating them can be too tough. There is a right way and a wrong way to remove them, and the wrong way can damage the skin. Following the recommendations of the doctors should help you safely eliminate the bumps that a person has and possibly keep them from ever coming back

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Chin

  1. Apply some apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a known powerhouse when it comes to acting as a bumps on chin remedy. It kills off the bacteria that can be leading to all the trouble in the first place. It also becomes alkaline, and balances of the pH of your skin, which in turn makes it very hard for the bacteria to thrive.

To top it off it’s an astringent, just like the lemon juice, and will assist to dry up any excess oil. Keeping that in mind, don’t overdo or dry out the skin too much. This may lead to the sebaceous glands to overproduce so as to compensate, thus triggering an outbreak.

You will require;

-Pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar

-Fresh water


cystic bumps on chin

cystic bumps on chin

  • Wash the face using water and then pat dry. Using a small ratio of about 1 part vinegar to only 3 parts of water, dip a clean cotton ball into the vinegar and then apply it directly to the blemish.
  • Leave it on for about 10 minutes, or even overnight.
  • Reapply it several times a day, washing the face thoroughly after each time of application.
  • Make sure to apply a moisturizer after the process as well if you feel like the skin is getting very dry.
  1. Make a cinnamon and honey mask

Honey is sticky and cinnamon is very spicy, and it also seems like they’re both things you may want to avoid getting near the skin. Surprisingly, while it can sound strange, honey and the cinnamon make a (literally) killer combo when it comes to fighting acne. Cinnamon contains antimicrobial qualities, so it can assist to stop the bacteria from getting in any way out of hand. If it ever happens, the honey is a very natural anti-biotic, ready to wipe the little bumps on chin out.

You will require;
-2 tablespoons of honey
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon
– paper towels

  • Directions
    Rinse the face using pure water and pat it dry. Mix about 2 tablespoons of the honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon together to the extend that they are thoroughly blended and have formed a sort of thick paste.
  • Use the thick mask to the face (or spot treat) and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse off the paste completely, and pat the face dry.
  • This is a very sticky mixture, so make sure that you have some clean paper towels at on hand
  1. The use of milk and honey (or yogurt)

While there is a lot of rumors around dairy products causing bumps on chin, applied it topically it seems that milk may improve the outbreaks as well as skin tone. The only reason it is suggested that milk would cause bumps on chin is due to the extra hormones that is in it-but unless it’s ingested, this doesn’t really do a lot.

For the most of the part, it just soothes any irritated skin, and assists to tone down the redness. You may also apply yogurt. The acids in it is antibacterial while the fat provides the moisture, thus making it very nourishing for skin.

You will require;
– 1 tablespoon plain low-fat or full-fat yogurt or milk, anything but skim
– 1 tablespoon of natural, raw, honey

  • Directions
    Let yogurt or milk come to room temperature so that you don’t get a chilly shock when you put it on the skin.
  • Mix about 1 tablespoon of milk or the yogurt thoroughly with 1 tablespoon of honey. You may apply the mixture using a cotton pad, but also scooping it up and patting it on works just fine as well.
  • Let each of the layer dry before addition of any new one, until the mask is the thickness you need. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash the mask off and apply a washcloth to gently scrub in a very circular motion, getting rid of any loosened dead skin.
  • Once you’re done, moisturize as required.
  1. Egg whites

Egg whites are the easy and even affordable way to help in reduction of bumps on chin and fade the scars left by unfortunate acne.

The reason why people have found the egg whites to be much helpful for their skin is due to the fact that they’re chock full of proteins and vitamins that both combat bumps on chin, and help to rebuild the skin cells.

They also soak up any excess oil, which implies that excess sebum, which implies less stuff for the bacteria to feed on. Just make sure that you apply a good moisturizer afterwards, as they may dry the skin out a bit.

You will require;
-2 to 3 egg whites, separated from the yolks
– a bowl

  • Directions
    Rinse the face using water and pat it dry. Separate the whites from the yolks. You can apply as many as you like, but usually 2 to 3 is enough.
  • Whisk the whites until they’re very frothy, and let them sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Cover the face with the mixture (Using the fingertips is easy) focusing on the problem spots. 3 to 4 layers is normally enough, but make sure that you wait the first has dried before applying more of it.
  • Allow the mask to sit and dry for about 30 minutes before rinsing off completely using warm water and a patting it dry using a soft washcloth. Use a moisturizer appropriate for the skin type.
  1. Papaya use for the bumps on chin prone

Papaya is an important ingredient in a several of beauty products that are found on the market nowadays, but there’s no need to go out of the way to gain its benefits.

Plain raw papaya is an all-natural bumps on chin remedy that gets rid of dead skin cells as well as the excess lipids from the surface of the skin, leaving it very soft and very smooth.

Lipids are the general term for fats, of which oil is a form of. Papaya also has an enzyme known as papain, which brings down inflammation and helps to prevent the pus from forming.

You will require

-1 fresh papaya

  • Directions
    Rinse the face using water and pat dry. Mash up the flesh of the papaya well, until it is of a consistency that can be well applied to the skin.
  • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, and then rinse off completely using warm water.
  • If the skin has a lot of tendency to get dry after you cleanse it, apply a moisturizer appropriate for the skin type afterwards.

Treatment of Bumps on Chin

how to get rid of cystic bumps on your chin

how to get rid of cystic bumps on your chin

Bumps on your chin is a skin condition differentiated by the appearance of the red pimples on the surface of the skin, particularly on the face.

It happens when the bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes infect the sebaceous glands (which are the microscopic openings on the skin’s surface that secretes sebum, an oily lubricating substance, into the hair follicles to lubricate the hair and skin) or when a combination of the dead skin cells and even the oil plugs those glands.

  1. Revitol’s acnezine bumps on chin treatment has the finest anti-oxidants and herbal ingredients. Remedial for the cancer and all other incurable illnesses, anti-oxidants is able to fight off the bacteria and other pathogens leading to acne with equal potency.

The herbal ingredient base in Revitol bumps treatment cream clears the skin, making it look blemish free all the days.
Acnezine doesn’t kill the bumps on chin bacteria. Rather it creates reason for the acne to grow. By doing so Acnezine acne treatment beats the harmful toxins and poisons.

This provides the liver sufficient time to deal with the body’s hormones that normally stimulate the oil secretion. Reduced toxins, bacteria as well as the oil secretion lead to cleaner pores and the bumps free skin.
There are numerous reasons behind bumps on chin. Therefore, besides applying of the Acnezine treatment you may also have to require important changes in the diet and lifestyle.

This is the ultimate breakthrough to the acne system that helps you treat the bumps on chin both internally and externally.

Unlike all other majority of the bumps treatments, Acnezine also works in a very deep level so as to reduce or even get rid of the root causes of acne quickly, naturally and without any negative side effects of the chemical treatments.

The treatment formula utilizes all the potent action of the antioxidants, vitamins as well as the herbals such as vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Collagen that are widely known for their detoxifying as well as their skin regeneration properties.

Some people might experience a lot of outbreaks at first but they do not have to worry- this is a crucial step of the detoxification process and a sign that the product is working.

  1. A list of best bumps on chin treatment options would be very incomplete without mentioning of the gels, creams and soaps that has benzoyl peroxide. This particular antiseptic chemical, apart from eliminating of the acne causing the bacteria it clears oil and the dry skin flakes from the surface of the skin. Apart from this, it also acts as an oxidant by injecting of the air inside the pores. This assists to loosen and get rid of the deposits of the oil, dirt and the bacteria from the skin. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  2. Lasers are also the ultimate solution if you are looking for the best bumps on chin treatment that gives instantaneous relief. This kind of therapy is best suited for those people who cannot tolerate the any of the side effects of the medications.

In this particular procedure, the dermatologist first applies some photosensitizer which is a medication that makes the skin sensitive to light especially on the affected areas, before applying a red or blue laser.

The light emitted that is emitted by the laser of excites compounds known as porphyrins, which stays inside the bumps on chin bacteria. This leads to the porphyrins to get rid of the bacteria wall, thus, killing the bacteria.

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