Most Painful Tattoo Spots, Places to Get, Pain Scale, and How to make it Less Painful

most painful tatoo spots

Does getting a tattoo hurt? A critical look at the most painful tattoo spots, places to get the tattoos, various diagrams, the scale of pain and how to make the tattoos less painful.

most painful tatoo spots

most painful tattoo spots

Many people nowadays have preferred tattooing and body piercing to decorate their bodies as a way of also expressing themselves and recording the stories of their life.

How Much Do Tattoos Hurt

The procedure of getting tattoos hurt depending on various factors such as placement, size and maybe the complexity or the person’s pain threshold. Tattoos that are placed on most painful tattoo spots such parts as the bones and tendons or anywhere near the nerve endings are the most painful.

The outlining procedure is considered the most painful as compared to the shading experience. Most of this tattoos are outlined in the black ink and the process that involves outlining will make you feel a lot of sensitivity on most painful tattoo spots.

After the procedure has been done on a person, the healing process is not complete. You should keenly follow the aftercare instructions of the practitioner that may differ from one practitioner to another, following the instructions will help you to avoid infections.

Remember that you are exposed to the bacteria. While there may be variations in the care advice but generally consists of repeated daily care washing and application of moisturizers to avoid bacterial breed ground.

A tattoo virgin will have to consider getting a bid. Tattooing can cost a lot of money and that should be kept in mind, although this is determined by various factors that include size and detail. A good artist with a solid portfolio will help the procedure.

When seated at the parlor for a tattoo, a specially designed tattoo needle will pierce through your skin at approximately 15 needle drops per second, being fast enough to avoid puncturing the skin and could also cause heavy bleeding but it is slow enough to avoid tearing the skin apart.

There are three layers of the skin, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis constantly replenishes itself, and the tattoo needs to pierce through the dermis layer to make the tattoo stay permanent. For this to happen, the needle that is attached to the tattoo machine enters the skin layers at approximately 1/16’’ of an inch.

Least Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

The least irritating places that you can get a tattoo is;

  • The upper outside of the arm and the outer forearm
  • The inner twist
  • The calves
  • The shoulders
  • The upper back that excludes the spine area
  • The top and outer part of the thigh

The reason why this areas have less pain and not most painful tattoo spots is because they have very little nerve endings or they have more fat and muscle that cushion the needle from the bone.

Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

Everyone is different on the amount of pain that he or she feels through the process. Although there are some areas of the body where getting a tattoo is very painful, keeping in mind that pain experienced is relative to you. You might need to choose a different location if you are sensitive to pain.

Most Painful Tattoo Spots

These most painful tattoo spots parts have stingy feelings ad throbbing pressure. The areas are bony and are disliked the most and they include the below;

  • The ankles
  • The hands and the wrist
  • The feet
  • The collarbones
  • The shoulderbaldes
  • The center of the chest
  • Spine near the center of the back

Although all this most painful tattoo spots entirely depends on other factors like the body size and shape and the composition matters. If a person has a lot of fat deposits, then the hip may not a bad spot. But the areas underneath the rolls might hurt the most as they are less exposed to sensation and touch in general. If a person is big and muscular, then the areas with tightly stretched skin might hurt more, meaning that a calf that a chart paints as easy might be very painful and sensitive to you.

If you are scrawny and bonny then areas with visible tendons may be the worst

Do Tattoos Hurt On Your Arm, Wrist

Depending on the part of the arm, the place is very painful. The wrist is equally painful and you may need to be determined to have that tattoos here as the high sensitivity would require a lot of mental focus during the process.

If the skin at the wrist is of poor quality then it can result to a slow tattoo process as the nerves are also very close to this areas. The tattoos in these areas can be very unbearable.  A wrist is also one of the most painful tattoo spots.

The wrist is an orange area that experience a lot movement and may require longer period of time to heal so that it achieves a solid color and probability is that you may have to repeat tattooing this again. The pain on males can however be more sensitive than on women due to the lighter skin on men and may take longer to finish the process on women than male.

Where Do Tattoos Hurt the Least?

In some parts, there is a lot of movement like the ankle and the inner part of the arm and thus may take longer for those parts to heal, some people have reportedly said that the parts are very painful but most people feel that it is not painful but it all depends on the body of the person, for thinner people, the places might feel more painful. These parts are however general not one of most painful tattoo spots.

Some of the parts that have received mixed reviews are;

  • The neck
  • The inner arm with some exceptions
  • The center back
  • The head
  • The lower back
  • The ankle

Where Do Tattoos Hurt the Most – How Bad Does a Tattoo Hurt

Most painful tattoo spots are areas like the hips, the stomach, and armpit, inside of the elbow, the ribcage, nipples and lips are very sensitive and may need to ask yourself if you really need that tattoo. The areas can lead to half-finished tattoos or the customer passing out being more than you can just handle.

These purple areas are considered the most painful to be tattooed. The thin skin over the bone are slow to tattoo and some may require multiple sessions to finish and achieve the color and the smooth shading. Healing of the tattoo can be equally painful and may require a few days off from the routine activities.

Most Painful Tattoo Spots Diagram

This diagram is a chart showing areas that are hardest for the artist to work on as they are very sensitive. The versions of the diagram can be used in shops to show which areas would cost more to work on than others.

Places to Get Tattoos on Your Body

The best advised site that one can get a tattoo is probably the body parts that has most strength and structure. Bony structure on the body are good to start. The back, shoulder and legs are good to start with and feel less pain because soft spots are most painful tattoo spots and tends to have more pain than parts with bones.

Places like the stomach, inner arms and hip areas are the spots the cause more pain because they are very soft.

A place that hurts less will help in future when you need more tattoos. The procedure can now be moved to other parts of the body since you started with a spot that has less pain

Worst Places to Get a Tattoo Stretching

There are some areas that generally known to be most painful tattoo spots when exposed to the tattoo needle. A person should make sure that he is very prepared and is able to withstand the pain before getting the tattoo. When the tattoo is done on parts that are bony like the elbows and the knees can be very painful. The whole feels as though vibrating and adjoining the bone.

Also the healing process for this parts are also very painful as getting the tattoo and you may need to take some time off the normal routine;

The most sensitive parts of the body that someone can get tattooed are;

  • The hips
  • The stomach
  • The lips
  • The inside of the elbow
  • The nipples
  • The top of the foot
  • The armpit
  • The lower joint areas particularly the insides
  • The lower chest and the sides

Inner Bicep Tattoo Pain

The area has little bone, it provides a little more cushion for the needle but the arm muscles will definitely feel super sore after the process

Ankle Tattoo Pain

Although it is one of the least painful tattoos to get, people prefer the ankle because it has lower pain level but it is very feminine to get a tattoo. You can sport small intricate design at the ankle. Hiding the ankle tattoo is not a big problem as many high top shoes can easily cover the tattoo.

Tattoo Pain Scale

The tattoo pain chart highlights the areas that are most painful tattoo spots when the needle comes down to them.

Understand that getting a tattoo hurts and there is no particular way around it. Some parts of the body are extremely sensitive and only a few people will consider having tattoos in the zones. The pain scale explains the level of pain using colors with yellow being the least painful and purple being the most sensitive. The areas that are sensitive are also very crucial parts of the body.

If you are ticklish in the area, then it will be bad to have the part tattooed, an important thing is to however note that everyone has different scale of pain.

The scale won’t be spot for each and every person but it is effective for giving the general idea that enables a person to choose a location. Make sure that you pick something you love or you might end up covering the tattoo.

How to Make Getting a Tattoo Less Painful

It is well known fact that tattooing will hurt for the most part, there is no sure to do away with the pain unfortunately.

But there are a few tips that can be applied to reduce the pain and make the process to hurt less that include the following;

  • Get into the parlor sober; we understand that being under influence can help lessen the pain but in real sense, it will make the tattoo be more painful since alcohol is a blood thinner meaning that you will bleed more and thus the ink won’t take as easily. This along with other drunken movements will likely cause the tattooing process take a little more time than expected to be completed and also agitating the skin causing the piece not to come out as expected. Also remember that over the counter painkillers will also lead to thinning of the blood and lead to the same experience of an alcoholic where a person bleeds more.
  • Take a lot of water; unlike taking of alcohol which is advised, taking of a lot of water is highly advised and should be started at the night before the tattooing process and a person should stay as hydrated as possible allowing the skin to accept the ink more easily as the hydration will allow the tattoo to happen more fast without the thinning of the blood.
  • Eat a full breakfast; always ensure that your stomach is full before going into the tattoo session as this will increase your stamina while going through the process and the painful experience, the more glucose you take, the better as getting tattooed burns a lot of calories in real sense depending on the duration of the tattooing process and thus more energy to burn is required.
  • Ensure that you get a good night sleep on the eve; going through the tattoo process requires a lot energy to sit through, the more you rest the night before, the longer you hold the pain while getting a tattoo. If you get into the process tired, there are very slim chances that you will be able to handle a full multi hour session. The adrenaline that handles the pain is required in the process and thus you need to fuel up the sleep and allow the process to naturally happen.
  • Take breaks sparingly; getting a tattoo on certain sensitive areas like the hands, feet chest or the ribs can really feel cringy. Make sure that you take sparing breaks through the session to ensure that you refuel. Take the breaks to eat something small and re-collect yourself before facing the needle again. A small snack like the juice and a small chocolate power bar will work and recommend. However the breaks should not be taken for too long or taken very many times because the piece can begin swelling during the breaks and very many starting and stopping and constant breaks will eventually interrupt the tattoo process and the buildup of the adrenaline.
  • Zone into distraction; the best way to ignore the pain is by zoning into something that will distract you like a song that is being played on the stereo, the conversations in the waiting area or a list of crazy things that you may want to do in the course of the year. Trying of yoga before the session can help much and is highly recommended. Clear the mind and focus on the breathing as a great way to calm down and ignoring of the pain that happens during the tattoo session and making sure that you keep it Zen.
  • Have a conversation; casual chatting with someone can make time to go faster and the pain will seem to fade. Some tattoo artists are very talkative and will try to know their clients through the conversations and the tattooing process. Avoid distracting the artist or have constant movements when you are getting tattooed and thus try to keep calm when being tattooed. Do not have an entourage but a distracting conversation can do some good while getting inked

The don’ts

  • Do not take any alcohol at the night before the tattoo is done as explained above as this thins your blood hindering the body’s natural ability to heal the wound and prevention of infection is hindered
  • Do not get the tattoo when you are feeling sick or on medication as your body won’t heal itself as required
  • Do not take many people with you for the process as the process do not require distraction and even the space the parlor is very limited for a crowd
  • Do not take photos during the time of tattooing as this distract the person doing the tattoo and an error might occur causing it the most painful tattoo spots.
  • Do not go through the process if you see that the equipment that is required is not clean or sterilized.
  • If you are not sure of the design, then do not get the tattoo.

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