Best Chemical Peel for Acne Scars, Before and After, Dark Spots

Chemical peel to get rid of acne scars

Does chemical peel work for acne scars? An insight into the best chemical peel for acne scars, before and after, at homemade, large pores, dark skin, cost and how many.

Chemical Peel for Acne Scars before and After

Chemical peel to get rid of acne scars

Before and after using chemical peel for acne scars

Chemicals peel for acne scars are a permanent solution mostly when the medium to the strong peel are done. They lead to the skin exfoliation and production of fresh new skin cells. There are several peel of varying strengths which are mostly based on results that you want. Normally a series of peels are required and slow improvement is then noted.

Remember, mild moderate peels are usually not sufficient scarring and are better for a skin texture, tone, or even the pigment changes.
Other options that are available for treating scars are: microdermabrasion, subcision, and laser resurfacing. Consult with a certified dermatologist who is able to treat acne scarring on the procedure that would work better with your needs.

While treating the acne scarring it is necessary to have a treatment regimen which incorporates several other modalities to assist lessen appearance of acne scars.  First, it is very vital that you do a skin care regimen built so as to maintain the health of skin that can assist to reduce future breakouts (as this is the main cause of scarring).

A series of several chemical peels can be able to offer correction, but incorporating the use of collagen induction therapy (micro needling) and laser resurfacing into the clinical treatment plan can be able to promote a good result. Unfortunately, there is no any given permanent solution when it comes to the skin. But, maintenance can be very key to retaining of the correction that you achieve.

Chemical peel for acne scars such as salicylic acid might assist in clearing of any active acne and also assist in lightening any post inflammatory pigmentation.
There will be very slight redness, tightness and also peeling which normally last about 7 days depending much on the depth of the peel that is being used.

Another option that can be used to treat acne scars is through the laser resurfacing or even a non-ablative fractional laser that can treat any textural issues, like icepick or even the boxcar acne scars. There is very minimal downtime that is fractional, normally 3 days of redness and also 8 treatments are normally needed to improve the look of acne scars.

The extent of recovery that is achieved after an acne skin peel much depends on the type of the chemical peel for acne scars that has been used.

Patients commonly have a temporary chemical peel-related side effects like the skin redness, dryness, and also flaking or even scaling after going through an AHA chemical peel for the acne, but the side effects are normally mild and do not in any way prevent patients from returning to the regular daily activities after the treatment.

A TCA acne skin peel is able to have the same side effects plus a significant swelling (much depending on strength of the TCA used). A mild pain medication might be vital after strong TCA chemical peel for acne scars, and also the skin might form a temporary crust or even a scab on the treated skin area.

The swelling as well as the discomfort of a TCA chemical peel for acne scars subside within one week, and after about 15 days the skin is then healed enough that the patient is able to return to the normal activities.

After a phenol acne scar peel, the face might become very much swollen, even to a point that the eyes are swollen shut. For this particular reason up to two weeks of at-home recovery are usually required after a phenol chemical peel for acne scars.

Best Chemical Peel for Acne Scars at Home

Several chemical peel treatments are found to curing of the acne scars. They all differ in price, ingredients that has been used and also the intensity of treatment.

  • Beta Hydroxyl Acid (BHA) Peel: This is the lightest, safest and also the best of all the chemical peel for acne scars. The ingredients that are found in this chemical peel are the salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and also fruit acid in some small proportions. A BHA chemical peel for acne scars is good for people who experiences sensitive skin.
  • Jessner Peel: Jessner chemical peel for acne scars has very effective ingredients like the resorcinol, lactic acid, and also salicylic acid. This particular peel is good for clearing of the slight and medium depth acne scars. Before application of the peel, glycolic acid is used on the affected skin areas so as to maximize the ability of the chemicals deep penetration into the skin. A tingling sensation is normally felt during the treatment.
  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) Peel: Also called the fruity acid peel, the primary ingredient that is found in this chemical peel for acne scars is alpha hydroxyl acid. It is usually extracted from natural sources such like the plants and fruits. It works by removal of the top layers of skin and also encouraging of the growth of new cells. The alpha hydroxyl acid usually loosens the upper skin layers and also makes it very easy to get rid of the blocked dirt and also dead skin cells.
  • Phenol and TCA Peel: Phenol and also the TCA peel for acne scars are normally performed at home under supervision of a skilled doctor. The affected skin area is cleansed before the use of phenol and also the TCA peel. One TCA session normally lasts for about 20 minutes. Generally, the doctor can recommend that you undergo two sessions of the TCA peel so as to achieve the best results. A phenol peel session lasts for about 60 minutes.

Best Homemade Chemical Peel for Acne Scars

how to get rid of acne scars using a natural chemical peel

Natural chemical peel for acne scars

You can go mild with this given recipe or even go for a deeper peel using the stronger acids. The variations are normally listed after the recipe.


  • 1 small cucumber, seeded and also pureed
  • 1 package of unflavored gelatin
  • 5 drops natural liquid meat tenderizer or 1 tsp. powdered meat tenderizer
  • a dash of a ground cinnamon (adding too much can irritate the skin)
  • water if important


  1. Place the cucumber in a medium sized bowl and then sprinkle with gelatin. Add small water if it doesn’t dissolve.
  2. Sprinkle the tenderizer and cinnamon over cucumber mixture and then stir well so as to combine. The gelatin can dissolve and then become pasty. Add water if you need so as to make it be spreadable.
  3. Spread this over the face and then allow it to dry for about 20 minutes.
  4. When fully dry, start at the jaw line and slowly peel from the face. Rinse off any given residue and follow this with moisturizer if you wish.

Cucumber is the mildest, but you may as well substitute other ingredients for it.

  • Papaya and pineapple have papain and bromelain respectively, both are used in tenderizing meats. This is the reason why you should add a small amount of the meat tenderizer to the recipe. You can as well omit a meat tenderizer and then use the pureed fruit instead.
  • Pumpkin contains a great deal of the fruit acids. You may also steam some fresh pumpkin or even use it from the can. (Be very sure that it is plain pumpkin and not a pie mix.)
  • Avocados are very high in acid also, and contain added moisturizers.
  • Tomatoes are a good choice. The newer hybrid tomatoes are usually lower in the acid, but are still very great for the type of application. Use a fresh puree or juice.
  • Sugar is able to work well. Sugar cane is very high in acid and thus makes a great chemical peel for acne scars. Use the same amount as the puree or juice.

Best Chemical Peel for Acne Scars and Large Pores

There are several reasons for the enlarged pores and they include ageing or even seborrhea. While they seem unsightly, pores serve a crucial function, allowing hair to grow and also production of protective oils that rise to the skin’s surface.

Skin peel work at removal of the dead skin cells that are laying on the surface, thus allowing the new skin cells under skin to grow, giving a person a clear and also fresh complexion.

If you have very enlarged pores, then a chemical peel for acne scars greatly improves the skin tone by removal of the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis, by using a chemical called the trichloracetic acid.

By exposing the dermis after the peel, the skin is left appearing a little raw. While this can appear a bit scary, the peel stimulates collagen production and also the cell renewal, leaving skin looking healthier and also younger.

Glycolic Peel

A glycolic peel is very much ideal for reduction of the appearance of fine lines and also the wrinkles, even the skin discoloration. This is very much similar to a chemical peel for acne scars, but works by loosening and also exfoliating the surface layer of skin. But, glycolic peels aren’t recommended if you have skin health problems or even the open sores.


Microdermabrasion is a method that is able to provide an instant facelift for the skin. It works by exfoliation of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis by use of the inert crystals. It’s a non-invasive procedure which is very much beneficial for minimizing of the pores and is able to reduce skin imperfections like the acne, wrinkles and also the scars.

For a professional advice, always seek an opinion of a qualified dermatologist who can determine the best peel for skin.

Use a Pore Minimizer

Even though there is no single way that can be used to permanently shrink the enlarged pores, you can as well minimize the look of the pores by cleaning and freeing them of debris.

One perfect way that can be used to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores is through the use of a pore minimizer that has ingredients like: glycolic acid, willow bark extract and also the green tea. Glycolic acid normally exfoliates the skin and also keeps the pores clean. Azelaic acid is a perfect method for helping control acne and also keeping the pores from getting clogged.

Willow bark extract assists to keep the skin from being inflamed, while the green tea contains antioxidants to assist fight free radicals that cause premature skin aging. The use of ingredients, which have glycolic, lactic and also the citric acids assists to refine and also tighten pores within a few minutes upon application, giving you a flawless look.

Use Toner

Using a toner assists the skin to stay clear and also reduces the residue and also the oil buildup. Using a toner that has glycolic and lactic acids assists to get rid of remnants of any type of a cleanser and prepare the skin for the step that comes next in the skincare regimen.

Use the replenishing toner that has glycolic & lactic acid, as it primes the skin. It assists to promote cellular turnover, clarifies the skin and also reduction of the appearance of pores.

Use a Glycolic Acid Peel

A glycolic acid peel is a perfect peel for the people who have enlarged pores. The strength of the glycolic acid peel is able to range anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent concentration. There are several benefits that are derived from use of a glycolic acid peel including the deep cleaning pores, removal of the blackheads, evening out skin tone, brightening of the skin tone and also smoothing out rough skin.

All of the benefits assists to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The microdermabrasion plus multi-acid chemical peel gets rid of the debris that leads to enlarged pores and also acne, refines and also evens out the surface of skin.

Use a DD Cream

Another a perfect way so as to minimize the appearance of pores is through the use a color correcting DD cream. These type of creams not only assist to minimize pores, but also assists to refine and also firm the skin. Another benefit that is derived from use of DD cream is that it provides you a less shiny appearance, while minimizing large pores. The SPF 30 assists minimize pores, brightens and mattifies the skin to leave it healthy looking and also naturally gorgeous.

Chemical Peel for Acne Scars Cost

The cost of a chemical peel largely depends on many factors – the brand of peel, the time taken to do the peel, and also the risk that is involved.  Some of the peels have brand names, like ViPeel and also Perfect Peel.

There is a cost to a provider for these particular products, so that cost has to be done by the provider.  More aggressive peel that do deeper chemical peel for acne scars generally cost more due to the fact that they take more time and there is a lot more risk for the practitioner to manage.

Keep in mind also that more superficial peel might cost less for an initial peel itself, but multiple treatments might be required so as to get better results.  In Los Angeles, superficial peel cost about $200 – 300.  Medium depth TCA peel cost about $600 and 750

The cost of a chemical peel for acne scars depends much on:

  • the severity of the sun damage to treat
  • number of treatments required
  • skin area to be treated
  • the type of the peel
  • physician supervision
  • Post treatment care that is required.

Chemical Peel for Acne Scars on Dark Skin

Best chemical peel for acne scars and dark skin

Before and after using chemical peel for acne scars on dark skin

Salicylic Acid Peel

Peel that make use of the salicylic acid are also very much common. You can find salicylic acid in acne treatments as it tends to dry the acne. It is also applied in treatment of the skin discolorations, and also reduce appearance of lines and also the wrinkles when used as a peel.

Like the glycolic acid, salicylic acid is able to be applied at home or even in a doctor’s office, much depending on concentration of the product. The salicylic acid which is sold in stores is of a weaker concentration than the formulas that doctors apply in chemical peel for acne scars for African American skin.

Superficial Peel

In order for the concentrations to be effective and also to achieve better results on African American skin (and other dark skin tones), salicylic acid is usually used in a series of treatments.

When using an over-the-counter treatment at home, use the product on the entire face and then ensure that you leave it on as shown in the product’s directions. Salicylic acid is able to dry out the skin, so it is better to consult a doctor before use of it on your own.

Chemical peel for acne scars that are very much appropriate for an African American skin simply coat the top layers of the skin. These particular superficial peel are not likely to lead to damage. Glycolic peel and also salicylic peals are usually some of the mildest forms of peel. They are superficial peels that are normally safer products for the black skin. A doctor can use the peel that work deeper than only the superficial layers of skin.

Medium Surface Peel

Medium surface peel are next after the superficial peel, and they are a lot more risky to use than the surface peel. These particular peel can as well be used for the skin that is wrinkled or that has slightly deeper wrinkles ranging from middle age, or skin that has a rougher texture than could be assisted with the superficial peel.

African Americans are supposed to seek a dermatologist who is very much skilled in working with dark skin tones, as the doctor can be more experienced in use of the medium surfaced peel on the skin. Medium surface peel are able to lighten or lead to the skin to scar, which can result in hyperpigmentation when the skin fully heals.

Risky Chemical Peel for African Americans

Deep chemical peel are able to damage African American skin. Phenol peel are the deepest chemical peel that are so far available. These particular peel are used in treatment of deep wrinkles, or even the skin that has been damaged by the sun. Deep chemical peels damage the skin to a given degree, making it repair itself, generating a healthier looking skin.

This particular process, however, is not recommended for African Americans as the deep chemical peel are likely to result in very unsightly damage. Anesthesia and long healing times are the norm when doctors treat through the use of phenol peel.

Since they work much deeply in skin, doctors ensure that they put patients to sleep when the peel is used, and medication is prescribed so as to deal with the pain in the period that it takes for the skin to completely heal

How Many Chemical Peel are needed for Acne Scars

  • Chemical peel needed for acne scars

    Chemical peel for acne scars

    Chemical Peeling normally takes less than an hour.

  • The entire treatment is normally done in sessions. Among the modern chemical peel, the deeper peel require just one or even two sessions.
  • It starts with a comprehensive cleaning of skin.
  • This is then followed by use of the chemical compounds. Here, the patient is likely to feel a bit of stinging sensation or even pricking.
  • The amount of discomfort largely depends on the kind of chemical blend that is being used. For the basic chemical peel, the stinging can be non-existent. For the high-strength peeling, stronger chemicals are applied that can induce a needle-like pricking sensation.
  • Normally, topical anesthetics are applied for high-strength chemical peeling.
  • Some of the cosmetologists use the cold compresses so as to minimize discomfort to the patient.
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