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Large pores on face causes

What causes large face pores? An insight into large pores on face, big, hole, open, how to minimize, reduce, tighten, fill, permanently, treatment.

Large Pores on Face Causes

Large pores on face causes

Large pores on cheek

Pores are the small openings that usually cover all the skin on the body. Each hair follicle is normally surrounded by a very tiny pore, which usually functions so as to allow the sweat to pass, keeping you very cool.

Sometimes the large pores on face are able to just appear enlarged. While several factors that causes enlarged pores are out of control, which includes the genetics and aging, some of the conditions that leads to the big pores may be combated using a good skin care regimen or even a trip to a dermatologist.


According to the skin experts at a Medical Spa in Indiana, the genes are one of the determining factor in the pore size. People who have large pores on face have family members with the large pores. If the skin is oily, the oils can lead to the pores on the face to appear larger as the oils tend to thicken the skin. Most people inherit the thick, oily skin, which leads to the pores to be enlarged.


The age of a person is a determining factor when it comes to the pore size. As you grow much older, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the skin to stretch and also sag, making the pores on the face to appear larger. According to the dermatologists, the skin thickens as you age, which leads to the miniscule skin cells to gather around pores, making the large pores on face.

Sun Damage

Years of sun exposure are able to make the large pores on face. Sun damage may actually thicken the skin, which causes large pores on face. Prolonged sun exposure over a long period of time may also sap the collagen, elastin and also water from the skin, which makes the tissue under the skin to shrink and thus pull at the edges of the pores, making them to sag and appear bigger.


According to dermatologists, blackheads, acne infections emanating from pores that are clogged with sebum often cause the large pores. This trapped oil oxidizes and then leads to black spots on the skin’s surface. Blackheads can as well make the large pores on face by drawing attention to them, or they can increase the pore size by expanding of the area of the pores.

Clogged Pores

An excess amount of the skin oils and also the dead skin cells is able to gather in the pores, causing pores to look larger than usual. Dermatologists recommend exfoliation and a good hygiene so as to get rid of the oil and dead skin from the face and keep the pores from looking larger than they really are. By preventing the clogged pores, you can as well prevent blackheads, further assisting to keep the pores on the face from appearing bigger over time.

Open Pores on Face

Large pores on face are also able to get clogged with oil, dry skin cells, and every day dirt and also the debris that you encounter when you’re out. Clogged pores, when they are left untreated can cause blackheads and also acne, so it’s very crucial to clean them. Try one of the four techniques for unclogging of the pores: steaming, exfoliating, use of a facial mask, and use of a pore-unclogging treatment.

Enlarged Pores on Face looks like a Hole

It is probably brought about by a kind of past infection either a large infected spot, maybe an infected chicken pox spot, but it is something that has done away with the tissue and left a large hole as a scar.
It is also unlikely that it might be closed.

If the skin is very dry it may actually make it appear worse as it is stretched open. Ageing slack skin makes the pores appear more open as well and thus scarring more obvious as the collagen and also the muscle support is lost.

How to Minimize Pores on Face or Reduce Permanently

  1. How to minimize large pores on face

    Before and after minimizing large pores on face

    Wash the face. Start the unclogging process through washing of the face. Use the gentle face-washing method so as to get the face very clean without irritation of the skin, which can lead to large pores on face:

  • Use the makeup remover solution or even the pads so as to wipe away the makeup in gentle strokes. Remove all the traces of an eye makeup, and any other products you can use.
  • Splash the face using lukewarm water. Use of hot water might inflame the face and dry it out, so stick to use of lukewarm for now. Splash the face with the water several times to get rid of the residue from the makeup remover.
  • Use a gentle cleanser if you so wish. If the skin is on the dry side, you don’t require to use a cleanser. If you want to use, make sure that it’s non-abrasive and doesn’t have any chemicals that can dry out the face.
  • Pat the face dry using a soft towel. Don’t scrub it. The skin on the face is normally thinner and a bit more fragile than the skin on the rest of the body, so it’s crucial to treat it very much gently.
  1. Fill a pot with water and warm it to get rid of large pores on face. Turn the heat to medium high, and allow it to heat. When the water is hot enough and has started to produce steam, remove the pot from heat.
    • You can then pour the water into a large bowl or also leave it in the pot for the steam treatment.
    • You can as well add green tea, chamomile tea, or any other herb to the water to assist nourish the face. Add tea tree oil to the water so as to assist in treating acne.
  2. Place a towel over the head and lean over the steaming water. Tent the towel over the shoulders and the pot so that the steam is able to be directed to the face. Let the steam soak into the face and the pores for about 5 minutes.
  • It’s very crucial to do the steps in order. You must be able to wash the face thoroughly before you try to steam the pores. Steaming can help to loosen built up dirt but you still require to clean the dirt from face. It is crucial to note that the idea which the steam opens the pores is a myth.
  • It’s also vital to avoid over steaming, which may cause the skin to dry out regularly and then over-oiling so as to make up for the dryness. Only steam the face once in a week after a proper cleansing, for a period of about 15 minutes.
  1. Rinse the face using cool water. Wash away any of the particles that emerged from the large pores on face using cool water, which will assist the face to tighten back up. Apply some amount of moisturizer so as to protect the face from drying.

How to Tighten Pores on Face Permanently

  1. Start with passing hot steam. Many a time pores appears bigger in appearance because of the the dirt and oils that are clogged in it. Thus, a person should first clean the pores and think of shrinking them. To start with the deep cleansing, first pass steam to the skin.

The advantage of passing steam is that it loosens the stuck impurities that are in the large pores on face. This is able to make it easier for the scrub to clean all the dead cells as well as the impurities from the skin.

2.Now use a scrub. After steaming you are required to exfoliate the face. Have a good exfoliator with some amount of alpha hydroxyl acid and thus use it for clearing of dirt from skin. Exfoliating is a crucial step in reducing the pore size.

Exfoliate skin not more than three times a week. Over exfoliating can be able to reduce the moisturizing oils from the skin. This can trigger the body so as to produce more oils that is able to satisfy the skin demands which will cause further clogging.

3.Now move ice on the skin. In the first step steaming is able to open the pores, the second step will be able to clear the dead cells as well as the dirt in it and the third step is aimed at closing the pores and also reduce its size.

As soon as you wash away the scrub take an ice cube and then give a 1 minute massage to the face. The tightening effect of ice can be able to shrink the large pores on face and thus make the face beautiful. Massage ice daily for about two times, but avoid doing the first two steps every day. You can as well add ice cubes to cloth and use it for enhancing of the beauty.

4.Lastly moisturize skin using oil free moisturizers. This step is as crucial as the first steps. After steaming and also exfoliation the skin will lose a lot of its natural oils that it uses to keep it moisturized. At this given point the role of a moisturizer is required.

Use a non comedogenic moisturizer. The importance of using those moisturizers is that they moisturize skin without clogging the skin pores. Thus skin gets the required moisture without being clogged and oily.

How to Reduce Pores on Face Caused by Pimples

Home remedies to reduce large pores

Icing to reduce large pores on face

Open or even large pores that are on the skin are a concern for many and might also contribute to problems such as the large pores on face and also the blackheads, especially for people who have an oily skin.

Excess sebum, together with dirt and also the bacteria, tends to clog the pores. To make matters worse, blackheads also tend to make the pores visible and appear even larger.

Prolonged sun exposure may also contribute to the open pores as it damages the collagen, thus reducing elasticity of walls of pore canals.

  1. Ice

Ice performs as a simple and also effective home remedy so as to assist shrink large pores because of its skin tightening effect. It is normally used so as to minimize the large pores on face before using a makeup. It can as well stimulate circulation and also promotion of healthier skin.

  • Wrap 2 ice cubes in a clean washcloth and hold them on the skin for 30 seconds. Do this process a few times daily. You may as well reduce the frequency of use when you see any improvement.
  • Alternatively, you may just wash the face using ice cold water at least once daily.

To enhance the benefits that comes with remedy, infuse water for the ice cubes with some cucumber juice, green tea or even the rose water.

  1. Egg Whites

Egg whites are widely used so as to shrink the large pores on face as they are used to tone and also tighten the skin. Egg white masks are great for drawing excess oil from the greasy skin.

  • Simply whip an egg white and then spread it evenly on the face. Allow it to dry fully, and then rinse it off. For good results, after application of the egg white, cover the skin using pieces of tissue paper and then peel them off when the mixture has fully dried. Do this process once or even twice a week on a regular basis.
  • Alternatively, you can whip two egg whites together with the juice that is squeezed from half of a lemon. Spread it on the face, and leave it on for about 30 minutes or until it dries fully. Rinse it off using cool water. Repeat the process a few times a week for 1 month.
  1. Sugar Scrub

Homemade sugar scrubs are beneficial in reducing the large pores on face as they are able to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the excess oil and impurities.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 drops of lemon juice. Gently rub it on the skin for 30 seconds, and then wash it off using cool water. Use it much regularly, once or even twice a week.
  • Put a little amount of sugar on a lemon wedge or even a slice and gently rub it all over the face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then wash the face using cooler water. Do this process two times a week for a few weeks.
  • You can as well apply a combination of the equal parts of honey and some lemon juice and a little amount of sugar. Massage the skin with it, and then leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. Repeat the process once a week for a month, or even until you achieve the desired results.
  1. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth, also called multani mitti, is a useful natural remedy that is used for open pores as it absorbs an excess oil and also exfoliates the skin. Also, it assists to reduce large pores on face and also blemishes and benefits the sun-damaged skin.

  1. Mix enough rose water in about 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth so as to make a paste.
  2. Apply it on the face, and then leave it on for about 20 minutes until it completely dries.
  3. Scrub it off and then rinse the face using cool water.
  4. Use the mud mask once or even twice a week regularly.

How to Fill Pores on Face Permanently

  1. Clay Masks

How it assists: This mask works by drawing much of the oil and water from the large pores on face. It shrinks the face at the pores thus making them to be smaller. It contains a detoxifying nature which squeezes the skin pores so as to dispose of any oils and also the water percolated in them. A definitive objective is to producing a refined skin sense without any perceptible pores.

Apply the mask gently on the skin. Make sure that it covers all parts of the skin and leave it to stay for a while. It is vital not to clay mask dry for a long period of time, or it might be irritating.

  1. Egg White

Egg white functions well by tightening of the skin. It contains an ability to shrink the large pores on face on the skin. It helps in creating a very shiny and stable face without any prominent pores.

Open the pores on the skin by washing of the face using warm water. Blend the egg white with some lemon juice so as to egg smell. Whip the blend and use it delicately all over the face trying to circle upwards. You should wait for about 20 minutes before washing off the hardened face using warm water. Apply oil without any moisturizer so as to make the skin supple.

  1. Lemon Juice

This highly concentrated lemon juice usually changes the skin by lessening the look of skin pores. Actually, the lemon juice is able to shrink the pores. Notwithstanding, lemon juice is not recommended for people who have the dry skin.

The lemon juice may be applied by wiping on the face making sure to utilize a cotton pad. The application ought to be left for about 5 minutes before it is rinsed off using cold water. To keep the skin from drying, it is advised to use an oil-free moisturizer. For people with a dry skin, the juice may be diluted in rosewater before any application.

  1. Herbal Compresses

These herbal compresses works by treating of the large pores, thus making them not much visible to the eye on skin by squeezing them.

Pour one cup of hot bubbling water into a small portion of herbs set in a heat-proof container. Cover the blend and wait for about 1 hour.

After the contents get to a room temperature, you should then sieve it to stay with the resulting fluid and then damp a clean cotton cloth in it so as to soak for some time. Using the cloth, apply on the face and wait for 20 minutes before washing it off. Repeat the process at least once per day.

How to Close Open Pores on Face Permanently

How to reduce large pores on face

Minimizing large pores permanently

There are many kitchen remedies that can be used to reduce the size of large pores on face. After using any of the below, remember to moisturize the skin.

  1. Sugar scrub. Sugar scrub is very much popular remedy that can be used to exfoliate skin and also clear the pollutants from the face. To start with this method, use about spoons of powdered sugar and then add a few drops of lemon and also drops of water to it.

Now wet the face and then slowly rub the paste to the face and mostly in the areas of big pores. After two minutes leave the sugar paste so that it is able to dry and then clean it using cold water. Using sugar scrub provides the two benefits, first it gets rid of the dirt and also it makes the skin pores to be much tight which can makes them to appear small.

  1. Baking soda. Use of the baking soda can be able to clean the skin pores not only preventing the large pores, but also the acne breakouts, blackheads as well as the whiteheads. Add some amount of water to the baking soda and then massage it on face for about 10 minutes. Repeat the process in alternate days for about two weeks and then see the change.
  2. Apple Cider vinegar. Another effective remedy is through use of cider vinegar so as to compact the pores and maintain the pH level of skin. Mix water and also some amount of vinegar equally in a bowl. Take about two clean cotton balls, dip it in the solution and move it over the skin. After 1 minute again dip it in the solution and then repeat the procedure for about 10 minutes. This is one of the best remedy that is used to close open facial pores.
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