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Pimple that is on the side of the tongue, or lie bumps are very small, soft, white or even reddish tongue bumps that appear on the sides of the tongue. These seems swollen and are also painful. These comes up especially when the fungiform papillae which usually hosts the taste buds sometimes gets irritated.

Medically it is known as transient lingual Papillitis, it is however not a life threatening condition. But, you do may have to make some important lifestyle changes together with other home remedies to get away with them.

The inflammation that comes with the fungiform papillae leads to the bumps to appear large and white in color. This is very different from the pimples that are caused by herpes which may have a yellowish color as well as puss like liquid that appears after a few number of days. These signs and symptoms may be followed by fever or flu symptoms.

Pimples in some children may be brought about by an eruptive lingual papillitis. In this particular case, the bumps may have excess amount of saliva and the child may have a feeding problem. In very rare cases however, there may be swollen lymph nodes as well as fever symptoms.

Causes of Pimple on Tongue

  1. Food allergy

There are various foods that can easily activate allergic reactions in the body system. This may lead to pimples that happen as the immune system responds by ejecting the easily ingested allergen out of the body through the body skin.

Often, when a person eat foods or even snacks like chips or nachos, then you are likely to irritate the mouth papilla; leading to a pimple effect. Such products do have a very rough texture that hurts especially when you repeatedly chew them.

  1. Injury

Eating hard things that includes candles, snacks or candy, can hurt the tongue leading to a bump or pimple on tongue. Sometimes you may get the pimples directly from accidentally biting of the tongue. This sometimes hurts the surface of the tongue leading to a pimply feeling.

  1. Eating too much fatty foods

Over consumption of the fatty foods leads to the pimples as the body is trying to get rid of the extra fats. As a result, it releases excess oils through the skin. This may block the pores on the tongue thus creating a favorable place for the bacteria in the mouth to spread quickly thus causing the rashes.

  1. Viral infection

Pimples on the tongue may also be as a result of the viral infections like the flu and herpes. These usually disappear especially when the infection goes away.

  1. Oral thrush

Thrush or the oral candidiasis is the yeast infection characterized by the tongue pimples. This infection usually releases the red pimples that comes as a reaction to the irritation of your taste buds.

  1. Personal hygiene

Germs that are found in the tongue usually inhabit the unclean base of the tongue thus blocking pores and forming irritable pimple on tongue.

  1. Smoking

Excessive smoking is likely to irritate the tongue making it painful and agitated

  1. Canker sores

These are the mouth ulcers that are with an unknown cause. They usually appear on the tongue and get worse when a person is stressed.

  1. Enlarged papillae

This is the inflammation of the taste buds that causes swollen painful pimple on tongue.

  1. Oral cancer

A stubborn sore pimple on tongue that sometimes refuses to go away may be a sign of a cancerous swelling. Although it is painless, it may be dangerous and should thus no be taken for granted. If you experience such kind of pimple on tongue for over two weeks, then seek for a medical checkup

White Pimple on Tongue Tip

The leading factor that provokes the perfect formation of the white head pimples on the face is the accumulating of sebum found in the sebaceous glands. In its turn it leads to gland’s stretch and the contents to start to be indicated through the cuticle, thus forming a whitish pimple on tongue. Thus, a whitehead pimple on tongue is a small plug that usually clogs the ducts of the sebaceous gland. In many of the cases, these pimples appear because of hormonal disorders as well as genetic factors.

Today the majority number of scientists also agree that the bacterial growth increases under the plug of the sebaceous secretions and the dirt. As a result then, a white head appears. A white head pimples may also be seen not only on the skin of the face but also on the whole body.

To stop the look of the white head pimples is very impossible. If you already have the pimples, it is not advisable to get rid of them by yourself, as they are different from acne. As a result of any of the extrusion then you may seriously damage the skin and leading to the appearance of a red scar. Thus, if you have such kind of cosmetic defect, you should consult a beautician or a dermatologist.

White, pimple on tongue that form on the tip front part of the tongue are usually known as lie bumps. Painful and normally characterized by a swollen appearance, the lie bumps are a result of irritation to the individual fungiform papillae that house your taste buds.

The technical reference for lie bumps is transient lingual papillitis (TLP) and is not a very serious health condition.


When you carefully examine transient lingual papillitis in the mirror then you may observe bumps that are very white and very large in size. This is due to the inflammation that is happening as a result of trauma to the fungiform papillae.

Due to this condition is painful, the first reaction may be to run the tongue across the teeth for relief. This is not a perfect idea as you can even worsen the overall irritation and pain, despite this temporary relief.


No one single reaction can be linked to transient lingual papillitis, but, it has been found to be seen in people who eat very high amount of acidic fruits and vegetables and sugary food and maybe drink. Another factor that contributes to TLP is the trauma that is caused by scratching or cutting of the delicate fungiform papillae. Gastrointestinal complications and the stress may also lead to TLP. This condition is not very contagious and are not brought about by bacterial or fungal infections.

Painful Pimple on Tongue

Unfortunately, even a plethora of scientific study has not come to a conclusion about the true causes of pimples on tongue. So always keep in mind that the following causes are more of speculation than the true fact.

  • An allergic reaction to the things that you eat or put in the mouth is usually linked to be the prime reason of developing a pimple on tongue. It may be anything that ranges from chemical-laden foods to the position you are in the habit of chewing on when you think.
  • It is said that eating of foods using sharp tools can greatly irritate the papilla and thus lead to a pimple on tongue. Examples may include chips, nachos or the pretzels.
  • Most people get the pimple on tongue when they over-indulge in taking of sweets.
  • Foods that contain very high acid level may also lead to pimples on the tongue.
  • Pimples on tongue can be as a result of some kind of injury that occurs to the tongue brought about by scraping or biting.
  • Oral thrush or oral candidiasis – which is a yeast infection – can also lead to a pimple on tongue. This is usually a fungal infection and you may then observe pimples on the other parts of the body as well including the armpits or the groin.
  • Not very surprisingly, stress also indicates on the possible reasons of pimples on tongue.
  • Sometimes, the pimples on tongue can be a sign and symptom of vitamin B deficiency.
  • Problems that comes with the digestive system can also manifest as pimples on the tongue.
  • Smokers also seem to be much affected by the pimples on the tongue than the non-smokers, which also leads to the belief that smoking can be a reason for pimples on tongue.
  • Pimple on tongue can sometimes crop up especially when there are hormonal fluctuations in the body during menstruation.
  • Pimple on tongue may also be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease like the herpes. If you also recently engaged in oral sex, it may very well be the good reason for the pimples on tongue and you should thus see a physician immediately.
  • As mentioned earlier, pimple on tongue in some children can be due to eruptive lingual papillitis which is directly classified as an infection.
  • If the pimples on tongue are painless, it can be one of the earlier signs of cancer.
  • The pimples that occurs on the tongue may actually not be a pimple at all but fibroma which is a benign bump that is very permanent, the reason when you accidentally bite the tongue. The bump will not fade away even after several years. You will have to visit an oral pathologist to have it removed.

Pimple on Tongue Treatment

There is no particular treatment that is known for the pimples on the tongue. Then you just have to leave it the pimple on tongue alone and even allow the body to resolve the issue in its own time.

The pain or irritation may be quite bad although, so you may need to try ice packs or the medications for numbing to dull the existing pain. You may also try over-the-counter ointments that can protect the surface of any irritated papillae, similar to using a bandage to an open the wound

Some people may recommend removal of the inflamed papilla using sterilized tweezers. There are some risks to this kind of treatment option. For one, you may have the open wound in the mouth for a while. This may also hurt too, and you may have to be very careful about the kinds of food that you take.

Anything spicy or salty may have you rolling on the floor in pain. Use numbing gel to the body area first to minimize the severity of the pain that you are bound to feel when you rip off that papilla out

How to Treat Pimple on Tongue Naturally, at Home, Get Rid of It Fast

Unlike all other conditions, these pimples cannot be fully applied using topical ointment. Antibiotics are also not much prescribed by the doctors. This makes most of the home remedies to be a helpful solution. Some of home remedies include:

  1. Abstinence from certain foods

Avoid of eating foods that are too fatty, spicy, sour or sweetened. These may be snacks or very hot foods. These may only worsen the condition leading to more painful pimple on tongue.

  1. Oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene is very crucial when dealing with the tongue problems. Clean the tongue at least twice a day, floss too regularly to stop bacterial infection in the taste buds.

  1. Salt water gargle

To prevent any spread of the infection and reducing the size of pimples, try to gargle a salty water for about 3 minutes every day. Although the pain and inflammation may still continue, this action may curb further infection.

  1. Medical mouthwash

A medically indicated mouthwash contains antibacterial properties that are able to clean and relieve the mouth. Use it daily for a clean wash.

  1. OTC products

Antiseptic medicine that are provided over the counter also includes the topical application types that can be used especially for acute pain.

Doctors recommend Oral Base or the Zilactin medication that you can use as a cover on the bumps. This is also an effective way to help in prevention of further irritation and also heal the bumps without exposing the tongue to any infection. A mouth wash or even a warm salty water rinse in the mouth is also a perfect solution.

  1. Mint leaves

Fresh mint may be chewed prior to sleep time may effectively reduce the size of pimple on tongue within a few hours.

  1. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste

To control the level of bacteria, use a paste consisting of baking soda especially on the affected parts. Hydrogen peroxide also performs in the same way.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and water

Using half water and half hydrogen peroxide, dip a cotton swab in the mix and thereafter coat the white pimple. Repeat this for about 3 or 4 times a day for a quick healing. Be very careful with the amount you are using.

  1. Magnesia milk

Sore pimple on tongue can be reduced by dabbing the cotton in the magnesia milk. Applied at least twice a day on the tongue, it will provide a clear relief.

  1. Vitamin B supplements

Consult a physician to see if the condition is brought about by a deficiency in vitamin B. Take vitamin B supplements for one week for an improvement.

  1. Cold compress

You can still improve the given condition faster by putting some ice chips or the cubes directly on the swelling. This also has a soothing effect on the painful tongue.

  1. Milk and fig mixture

If the pimple on tongue is caused by indigestion or even a gastrointestinal problem, then use a mixture of a few figs as well as warm milk. Drink the mixture every other day to clear the stomach and reduce tongue bumps.

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