How to Pierce your Nose, at Home with an Earring, Safety Pin, Gun, Professionally

nose piercing cleaning and aftercare

Do you want to pierce your nose at home? Get more insight on how to pierce your nose at home using an earring or safety pin. You will also explore more about to pierce your nose professionally and with the help of a gun. You will also know the appropriate side to pierce your nose and care taken on piercing.

Nose piercing is beauty practice of creating a hole in the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose for the purpose of wearing jewelry. Nose piercing is a common practice done by many individual in the world to increase their aesthetic value especially women. Historically, the practice started long time ago and it is now a trending in current world.

Cosmetic industries are now coming up with very attractive nose jewelry that when inserted in the nose makes an individual to appear beautiful. You will really look pleasing and hot when you are in a nose stud especially when you are a woman.

Do Nose Piercing Hurt

Do nose piercing hurt? This is the common challenge that comes in to the mind of people who are thinking about getting their nose pierced. If you are planning to make a hole in your nose and this question that sound familiar to you, then you should understand that nose piercing hurts and it is painful like getting other punctures on your body.

The process of nose piercing involves jabbing a sterile needle straight into your nostril or septum. After thrusting a needle in your nose, it is followed by putting a jewelry such as nose stud, screw or nose ring into an opening of the hole made in the cartilage of the nose.

Nose piercing procedure is very painful compared to other forms of piercing on your body such as ear piercing and navel piercing. The pain is due to the fact that, the nose is one the sense organ that detects smell and it is highly vascularized by nerve tissues that are responsible for pain. It is normal for your eyes to shed tears during the piercing process as a response to the needle in your flesh.

If the piercing is done professionally, you will be fortunate enough because the pain will not last for more than 30 seconds. For other case the process of making a hole in your nose can be very painful when done unsuccessfully which can hurt you for several number of days.

The pain of making a hole in your nose also varies with the size of the hole and type of jewelry you will have. For most case, you are likely to be hurt less if use nose ring that is typically smaller than a nose stud that has a bulb at one end to hold it on the nose. It is advisable to wear a nose ring for the newly pierced as it will hurt less and also facilitate cleaning for faster healing.

According to the size of jewelry, larger jewelry is likely to hurt you more than smaller one because it can cause trauma to the pierced area. Smaller jewelry is recommended on new pierced because they will cause fewer traumas. More injury on the nostril due to large size jewelry can lead to development of wound on the nose that can take long time to get healed.

Material used to make jewelry has influence on the pain of piercing. Jewelry coated by nickel can initiate allergic reaction on the piercing wound. Wrong jewelry can hurt you more if your body rejects it. If you want to buy appropriate jewelry, go for stainless steel, titanium or niobium jewelry. You can also select 14 or 18 karat gold jewelry that is less hurting.

The location of the piercing also determines the kind of pain you will feel. Septum piercing is more hurting than nostril piercing. The septum is the cartilage that separates the right nostril from the left one. This boundary tissue in the nose is thick with a lot nerve ending tissue that detects pain. Piercing into septum tent be to more painful.

The pain also varies from one individual to other. Some people are very tolerant to pain due to variation in body sensitivity and nerve coordination. Feeling the pain during the piercing process is due to functioning of your nerves, however the pain can be managed by professional nose piercing. If you observe good aftercare measures during the healing time of the piercing, the pain will be controlled and last for a short period of time

How to Pierce your Nose

Do you want to pierce your nose? Have you ever imagined how to pierce your nose? If these are the truth, you know what you expect it to be like; it can be a fun and enjoyable experience in your life. Nose piercing is a procedural process that you will follow to have a successful pierce on your nose.

  1. Look for a good professional piercing studio or piercer

When you want to pierce your nose, it is important to find a good, clean piercing studio for your piercing. Ensure you visit a studio that has good reputation with well equipment and professional artist who has experience in terms of nose piercing. Dirty studio that is outdated with technical tools can result to high risk of you getting infected or can result to rejection of the jewelry by your body.

  1. Filling out the paper in the piercing studio

On the visit of the piercing studio, they will give you paperwork to fill. This paperwork will outline any risk associated with your piercing and it acknowledges your consent. The form to fill also has some question about your medication for instance it has matter concern with immune system. It also questions you about the response of your body toward the wound. For a young individual the parent may fill the form for her and make the necessary decision.

  1. Selection of your jewelry

After you fulfill the requirement in the paper, you will be guided to pick out the jewelry you desire. From the ancient art, we have all sorts of handmade jewelry for every part of the body.  For the nose, we have many different types and sizes of jewelry and they are group according to the shape and material use to make it. Some of them are ball head jewelry, dome head jewelry, disk head jewelry and spike headed jewelry.

According to element used to make it we have got jewelry made from Titanium half dome, stainless steel jewelry and those made from gold. Some jewelry is made from the bone. The choice is your to pick the one that you desire.

  1. Determine the site and piercing type

The piercing site will tell you the type of the piercing to be done on your nose. There are known three type of nose piercing according to the site on the nose where the hole will be made. We have Septum piercing where a hole is made on the septum of the nose. Nostril piercing where the hole is made through the nose to nostril cavity. Bridge piercing where the hole is made on the skin on top of the eyes bellow the eyes.

  1. Nose Piercing procedure

After selecting a site, you will feel a little pain during the piercing process. Nose piecing is done on the curve of the nostril.

  • The part of the nose cleaned and marked with a surgical marker.
  • A small piece of soft cork is inserted into the nostril.
  • The forceps are place over the mark on the nostril and the needle is place inside the forceps.
  • By use hand force, the needle is pushed through the nostril into the cork
  • The selected jewelry is inserted into the hallow end of the needle and the pulled over the needle. Then needle is removed slowly by pulling it leaving the jewelry in the hole.
  1. Aftercare practice

In the piercing studio you will be taught the aftercare practice such as how to clean your pierced nose and How to prevent bacterial infection. You will also be given advice on how long should you take to change your nose jewelry.

How to Pierce your nose at home with an earing

Can an earring be used in nose piercing? An earring is one of the tool you ca use for the piercing of your nose at home. Get an earring that has a very small stud and prepare it by sharpening it using a nail file but don’t make it too sharp. Disinfect it using absolute alcohol to kill pathogens. Have the following instruction to pierce your nose;

  1. Clean your hands then disinfect the selected site for piercing on the nose.
  2. Use the ice to numb the part of the nose to reduce nerve sensitivity. These will help to reduce pain during the process of piercing
  3. Have a look on the mirror and put a tip of the earring on the mark at a slanting angle and push it through the nose. It hurts but never stops pushing it until it goes through the nose to nostril cavity. `

How to pierce your nose with a safety pin

A safety pin or a needle can be used to pierce your nose. Using a safety pin is actually less painful when done in correct way. The method is less expensive because what you need is the following tips on how to pierce your nose using a pin. Look for the following requirements before the procedure for piercing;

nose piercing cleaning and aftercare

nose piercing cleaning and aftercare

  • Ice covered in a cloth
  • A safety pin or a needle
  • A piece of thread
  • Nose ring or a jewelry
  • A pen
  • Mirror
  • Cold water

When you have the above requirements, you can pierce your nose by doing the following;

  • Stand in front of the mirror and ensure you have good view of your nose.
  • Take a pen and mark the site to make the piercing.
  • Place the ice on the nose to numb sensitivity then disinfect the part using appropriate disinfectant.
  • Get your safety pin and tie a thread on it.
  • Put the sharp end point of the pin on the mark and carefully, slowly push it through your nose. These will really be hurting and it may result to bleeding but do not stop it.
  • Pull the needle out but keep the thread on it.
  • Remove the pin from the thread and tie it tightly.
  • Allow the thread to sit your nose for about one week then remove it and immediately replace it with the nose ring.

How to pierce your nose professionally

Nose piercing has expanded to a professional activity that I s done in the piercing studio by experts. Piercing your nose professionally is very successful and less painful.  Professional piercing studios are always equipped with tools and equipment that is used in the process of piercing.it also has skillful individual who provides good service to the clients.

In the professional piercing studio, they consider high form of hygiene to prevent spread of infections. Experts of nose piercing has background knowledge about their work hence are the best source of advice about caring of the piercing.

The piercing studio has different kind of jewelry that you can be guided by an expert to use after nose piercing. In the new piercing, they will advise you to use a nose ring that is very small to initiate the healing process of the wound.

If you need to pierce you nose it is good to go for professional piercing.  Your expert in piercing studio will carry out all the piercing procedure in an effective way that is less hurting. The pain you can feel during piercing cannot last for more than 30 seconds.  Professional nose piercing is done in fast way that you cannot know if they have really done their work on your nose.

How to pierce your nose with a gun

The use of a gun is the most effective modern method used for piercing the nose. It is less hurting because it only takes one second to make a hole in your nose. Most piercing studio is now using a specialized gun that is modifies to shoot a pierce through the nose.

If you are ready to pierce your nose using a gun, visit the piercing studio that uses the gun.

  • The site to make a pierce is selected on the nose and marked.
  • A needle that is sterile will be fixed on the specialized gun.
  • The nozzle of the gun is pointed at selected site and the trigger is pulled by the fingers to shoot in to the nose.
  • One the piercing is done on the nose the expert will fix the appropriate nose ring into your

The use of the gun to pierce the nose is the less hurting compared to other piercing methods. The procedure is fast and time saving. The use of the gun is the effective method for those individual who has high sensitivity to pain.

Nose Piercing which Side

Which side are you going to pierce your nose? The side of nose piercing depends on the culture and traditions of individuals. For most people nose piercing is done on the left side of the nostril .however we have few cases of having piercing done on the right side of the nostril. There are three known type of nose piercing that depends on which side and part of the nose;

  1. Septum piercing

Septum piercing are currently less common in the America and Europe  but common to African and Asian .generally, the septum cartilage is not pierced but a small gap is made between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose. The gap sometime is called sweet spot and it is about 1.6mm. Septum piercing is very painful but a common practice to many African communities. The piercing heals within three month depending on the immunity of individual.

Septum piercing is popular in rural areas of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh and you can get women having nose ring in their septum. In southern Nepal, many older women are still wearing their gold ring in the septum to show their social, tribal and religious status.

  1. Bridge piercing

Bridge piercing is done by making a hole through the top skin at the nose, between the eyes. Straight barbells are used in the piercing and seamless rings are currently not available. The practice is not common to many individuals.

  1. Nostril piercing

Nostril piercing is the common practice associated by all individual in the current world. The practice is now the traditions of women from Australian and India. Over the years in the industrialize nations, the practice is popular and many types of jewelry have been developed for the purpose of nostril piercing. If you need your nose to be pierced, go for the nostril piercing because it is less risk with less pain.

Nose Piercing Care

  1. Clean the piercing twice a day. Cleaning is very important to remove bacterial that can lead to infections. The appropriate solution to clean the piercing is a sterile saline solution. Take water mixed with soap solution in the equal volume to clean your pierced nose. Use cotton swab to clean the part. Use a soft cloth to wipe your piercing from inside and outside. If you have a nose ring, rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise during cleaning. Ensure you clean the wound for about 3month until it is fully healed.
  2. Control infection. Keep your hands clean by cleaning it on the regular basis before handling the piercing. Use antibacterial soap to clean your hand. Clean hands free from bacterial helps to prevent infecting the piercing on the nose. Use antibiotics and antibacterial soap to protect your wound. When the wound is not healing faster with characteristic of inflammation and pain, medical consultation is advisable.
  3. Keep the jewelry in the piercing. Ensure the nose ring does not come out of the piercing because the nose tissue cell heals and multiply at high rate that can close the hole within one hour if removed. When you go to sleep ensure the nose ring is fixed properly in the nose. Your stud should stay on your nose for about 3 month before changing it with other jewelry.
  4. Apply lavender oil. The application of the lavender oil on the piercing facilitates healing process. Place one drop of the oil around the jewelry after cleaning the piercing and wipe off the excess oil using clean piece of cloth. The use of lavender oil also help to lubricate the jewelry hence reduce trauma on the piercing.

How to Clean a Nose Piercing

Proper cleaning of the piercing ensures faster healing. Here are the procedures on how to clean.

  1. Take ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt and dissolve in one cup of lukewarm water.
  2. Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands before cleaning. This helps in preventing the transmission of bacterial infection while touching.
  3. Soak a clean cotton ball in the salt solution you have prepared and carefully dab gently on the piercing. Let the wound soak in the solution for three minutes and remove gently to avoid disturbing the nose ring or stud.
  4. Use a clean tissue or paper towel to pat the piercing dry. Towels are discouraged to be used since they can transmit infection or get stuck on the wound.
  5. Remove any crusting using a cotton swab that you have dipped into the salt solution.

Nose Piercing Aftercare Tips

Apart from knowing how to pierce your nose, and cleaning, it is good to also learn how to take good care of it, to promote healing and avoid infection. Here are the tips:

  • Avoid moving or turning the ring or stud while the piercing is healing.
  • Take nutritional balanced diet and have enough sleep.
  • You should wash and change your beddings, clothing and towel regularly to prevent infections.
  • Consider taking shower and not bath. If you prefer bath, then ensure you clean the bath tub using antibacterial agent to kill any germs.
  • While cleaning the nose piercing, do not use strong chemicals and substances such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine solution, dial soap and use of benzalkonium chloride.
  • Avoid over-cleaning the piercing since it slows down the healing process.
  • Completely avoid disturbance or movement with the clothing around the piercing.
  • Your hands must remain clean while touching it and avoid contact with any contaminated body fluids.
  • Avoid use of drug substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.
  • When getting to water such as swimming, bath or diving, always protect the nose piercing with water proof bandages.
  • Avoid contact of the piercing with cosmetics and beauty products.

Signs of an infected Nose Piercing

During the initial days of the piercing, it is normal to experience pain, swelling and redness around the nose piercing. These should subside as the healing progresses. Infection takes place when bacteria are transmitted to the piercing through contaminated hands, objects and poor cleaning methods.

Nose piercing infection symptoms include; constant pain, swelling, green or yellow discharge, foul smell, bleeding, yellow pus and sensitive to touch. When you learn of the signs, consult a professional nose piercer or seek medical attention.

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